From working as a retoucher to taking the step behind the lens in the pandemic – ‘Ultimate Minimal’ showcases Zilla van den Born’s creative eye.

Zilla van den Born joined Cherrydeck two years ago as a retoucher. The unfortunate consequences of the pandemic led Zilla to rethink her work and test her photography skills.

Next, she realized her creativity had always been there. Ever since, she has been working to expand her portfolio as a beauty and product photographer.

When a client canceled last-minute, she decided to gather a team to create pictures and make the most of an already booked beautiful location. The results? A next-level portfolio shoot.

The location was a living space turned photo studio as it awaited renovation. In the middle of the room, concrete stairs appear from nowhere. The rest of the space is empty. In the eyes of Zilla, this made the perfect location to make good use of the light and shadow-play with lines and shapes. All while keeping things simple.

“I love it how even the tiniest adjustment in posing or facial expression can switch up the mood of a shot.”

Zilla van den Born

Zilla’s creativity expanded throughout the shooting day. During the first part, she focused on clean, minimalistic, and cold tones. Afterward, it was all about warm tones and a cozy look.

She used decoration pieces at the location like feathers, plumes, and twigs to create interesting compositions.

“…When you look around with a creative eye, there are always items and backgrounds to find that make an interesting combination.”

Zilla van den Born

This project is one of many creative works by Zilla van den Born. She has been featured by many renowned publications, magazines, and media such as The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian.

Check out Zilla’s website for more of her work.

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