Are you still in need for a gift for your loved one who loves design and all things aesthetically pleasing? We’ve got you covered!

Oh, the art of gift-giving! You are lucky if you do not struggle to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. However, most of us need a little push and ideas when it comes to gift hunting – every single year. So, the Cherrydeck Editorial Team is here to help!

What is the perfect gift when it comes to design lovers? Either we have no ideas at all or so many options that we cannot decide.

Following last year’s Cherrydeck Gift Guide for Design Lovers, we have compiled a list of 14 other unique ideas that will make the design lover go crazy. Maybe you’ll find a gift for yourself as well!

1. Segula Table Lamp

Price: 40 €

To start off, we cover a modern take on a gift you can never go wrong with – a lamp. The pendulum-like design is minimalistic yet sophisticated. Moreover, this innovative lamp can be turned on and off with the use of two wooden balls.

Get your lamp here!

2. 100 Years of Swiss Design

Price: 44 €

This comprehensive showcase of a hundred key works from Swiss designers features 30 essays on Switzerland’s achievements in furniture and product design. It offers a new perspective on the historical backgrounds and cultural roots of the different designs up to this day, and the ever-changing role of the designer throughout the years.

Start reading here.

3. Drink Rocks

Price: 57 €

These are not just your simple outdoor rocks. Crafted from soapstone and marble, these rocks are meant to go in your freezer, and then in your drink. Perfect gift for anyone who likes their drink as cool as them!

Get your cocktails ready here.

4. Fellow Stagg Black Kettle

Price: 160 €

Spice up your kitchen with a unique yet classic minimalistic kettle, the design combines aesthetics with functionality so you can enjoy your coffee or tea the best way possible.

Purchase it here!

5. Reflective Leopard Print Stickers

Price: 7 €

These adhesives come with an attitude to pump up your bike or helmet (or perhaps, whatever you want) and are especially useful when biking at night.

Make your bike a fashionable statement here!

6. Grünbag – The Alden Backpack

Price: 161 €

Created in collaboration with journalist and environmentalist legend, Alden Wicker, this sustainable backpack was named after her. If you need a spacious, durable, water-resistant, and Instagram-able backpack, this is it.

You can choose the color here!

7. Aroma burner

Price: 23 €

Spread the scent around the room with this golden aroma burner with a beautiful design. Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water and this will do the rest.

Get it here!

Image from

8. ON Digital Gift Card

Price: from 10 €

The brand ON offers the ultimate running shoes and accessories. If your design lover is also into morning runs, this may be a perfect gift.

Start running here.

9. Steel Coat Rack

Price: 97 €

These uniquely designed coat racks won an interior innovation award. They are space-effective and will give your home a modern visual accent. Mount them on your wall and hang anything from coats to scarfs in these functional racks.

Available in multiple colors here!

10. Oasis Flower Pot

Price: 84 €

This beautiful minimalistic flower pot is also very functional for all your plants’ needs. The two interlocking containers create a self-watering system for your plants of all sizes.

Get your own here!

11. Panthella Portable Luminier

Price: 169 €

This light and functional lamp works with a battery and is energy efficient. It features three dim levels.

Use it anywhere here!

12. Cabins – Book

Price: 16 €

This book elaborates on small, innovative, and highly efficient buildings from all over the world in multiple settings – from forests to lakes. It will keep you wondering whether you love the city or want to move to the middle of nowhere.

Read more here!

13. Moma Architect Cubes

Price: 73 €

Representing a tribute to architecture, each cube is made from a made of distinctive natural and composite materials that frequently appear in an architect’s repertoire.

Foster your creativity and buy the cubes here!

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14. Haeckels Incense burner

Price: 20 €

If your design lover also loves incense whether for cleansing purposes or aroma preferences, this is the perfect gift! The Haeckels item features a glass funnel that will help burn your incense safely and stylishly.

Get yours here!

We hope one or more of these unique gifts for design lovers caught your attention! Let us know which gift you’ll be getting for your loved ones (or for yourself) in the comments!

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