Gifts can be hard to think of, but we got you covered! Explore gift ideas for photography lovers that go beyond the expected in our gift guide!

Gift-shopping certainly never gets easier. In particular, for a photography lover or enthusiast, the perfect gift is hard to think of when they already have cameras, films, camera bags, sd cards, and more. What would they like or need next?

Today, the Cherrydeck Editorial Team has gathered 12 special gift ideas for that photography lover in our lives. Or if you are a photographer, to sneakily send to your loved ones! Check them out below!

1. Portable Lightbox Studio

Price: 155 €

This foldable Lightbox allows you to build a studio for shooting all things small anywhere. The perfect portable gift for product photographers who shoot anything at home or outside. The Lightbox comes with dimmable lights and has additional accessories available for further usability.

Find this practical gift here.
For a cheaper option, you can also opt for this smaller 16×16 inches Portable Photo Studio Lightbox.

2. Berlin Photo Week Tickets

Price: 15 €

What can be better than a photography immersive experience? The Berlin Photo Week ticket gives you access to not only multiple photography exhibitions but also a conference with lectures and discussion panels, in addition to exclusive product offers and live shooting days.

Save the date, and get your tickets.

3. The Photography Ideas Book

Price: 16 €

This book belongs to the “Art Ideas Books” collection which features other creative passions such as watercolor, printmaking, and collage. This edition in particular offers photography project ideas and techniques for both analog and digital photographers. It is a great help for those looking for inspiration or just getting started!

Get the book here.

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4. Adobe Lightroom Subscription

Price: 12 €/month

A must-have for photographers. Lightroom is a photographer’s best friend when it comes to editing pictures. It offers multiple features and easy-to-use functions that allow you to “brighten photos, optimize colors and make annoying elements disappear.”

In addition, it offers a variety of presets, which have become more popular over the years in the photographer community for the editing convenience they provide.

Explore Adobe Lightroom.

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5. Ember Travel Mug

Price: 200 €

Perfect for outdoor photography lovers, this mug has been designed to be used on the go. The smart automatic mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature for any drink. It has a touch screen display and a battery that lasts for 3 hours (or all day when put on its charger). Moreover, it is leak-proof and easy to clean!

Buy your mug here!

6. Magnum Contact Sheets

Price: 34 € (paperback), 200 € (hardcover)

This iconic 500-page book addresses key questions in photography and highlights creative methods, strategies, and editing processes behind some of the world’s most outstanding images. This book makes a great gift idea for photography lovers as it provides invaluable insights and showcases the process and workflow of the most celebrated Magnum photographers.

Start reading here.

7. Sandisk Portable Solid State Drive

Price: 197 €

Every photographer needs an SSD. It is simply necessary for backing up your content and memories – and fast rendering. Even more ideal for outdoor or travel photographers, this Sandisk SSD is fall-proof from a height of two meters and can endure any adventure. It comes with a hook for easy attachment to your camera bag or backpack.

Get yours here!

8. Life in Pictures

Price: 38 €

This coffee table photo album is the perfect detail on any table. With an orange hardcover, the inside contains 30 photo paper pages in black, for that classy touch and look. Furthermore, it offers space for two 10×15 photos per page and allows for some writing space as well.

Start building your own album here.

9. Pelican 1060 Micro Case

Price: 30 €

Made to carry small valuable items, this micro case is water-resistant, crush, and dustproof. On its side, you can find a carabiner for easy attachment to bags or luggage. It’s the perfect gift for any photographer who commutes or shoots outdoors. It also comes in various colors!

Pick your micro case here.

10. Photography Masterclass

Price: 40 or 120€

Taught by Masters of Photography themselves, at Masterclass you can choose from insightful photography courses that include different topics such as Contemporary, Studio, Fine Art, Artist Photography, and more. These courses are suitable for all levels and provide lifetime access!

Alternatively, the website includes free photography courses as well, with techniques and tips to elevate your photographic skills.

Start learning here!

11. Gorilla Pod

Price: 35 €

For photography lovers on the go. The Gorilla Pod is compatible with DSLR and useful for additional flashes too. It has flexible legs with a grip that can attach to any even or uneven surface. In addition, it can be used for vlogging and other videography purposes. You can “Grip it, Wrap it, Stand it.”

Click here to buy it!

12. Mini Creative Light

Price: 95 €

The Godox item is versatile and multi-purpose. It includes not 1 or 2 but 13 different special light effects and adjustable colors. One cool thing about this light is that it has a “music” mode, in which the device delivers lights that beat with music. It can be installed onto your DSLR, magnetically attached to your phone, or it can be used by itself.

Get creative here!

13. Glass Album Cover

Price: from 9 €

This trendy gift is so heartwarming because you can combine your favorite picture with a song that you connect to it. Just pick any meaningful photograph and a special song to go with it, and you are all set!

Check them out here.

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We hope you liked these gift ideas for photography lovers as much as we did! Let us know which gift you will be getting!

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