We had a chat with Paris-based photographer Karl Hab and asked him to share tips and insights on how to define your brand as a photographer! Take a look at the advice he shared.

Growing up in Paris, France, Karl Hab studied aerospace engineering. Having ended up in photography, his admiration for aviation remains evident throughout his portfolio.

When looking at Karl’s work, you can truly see how life unfolds in the French capital – from street culture to travel to fashion week. Karl’s photography has been published in numerous magazines and books, as well as in self-published limited editions.

Karl’s dynamic photographic eye and the people he has portrayed, has brought the photographer extensive success.

Today, we ask him to share some tips and insights that can inspire and encourage others to follow in his footsteps. Have a look!

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Always hard to introduce myself. I’m basically an aerospace engineer and photographer born and raised in Paris.

What influenced you to start a career in photography?

The fact of documenting things, of being a witness of amazing stories, etc.

You have worked with a lot of notable people. What tips would you give to other photographers to help them follow in your footsteps?

Stay true to yourself, be humble. Focus on what you can excel at and make sure to understand this world.

What are 3 tips you would give a photographer to help them sell their brand and work?
  1. Show your style. If you don’t have the nerve, nothing will ever happen.
  2. Stop thinking that you can’t control your destiny.
  3. You have to be there at the right moment.
What are the key aspects you consider when defining your price?

It really depends on the project itself, how long it will take, what the edit would be, etc.

To read more about pricing within the industry, take a look at the blog!

How do you maintain a long-term working relationship with clients? 

I would say, you must keep in touch with them all the time. You have to remember they are not just clients. They are a relationship and provide a gateway to your imagination.

With them you can create something solid, and imagine your photography in another way.

In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle that photographers face? And, what is your tip(s) to overcome this?

Lack of imagination. Or, I would say a lack of personal projects.

I see a lot of photographers always doing stuff for magazines, but except for that I’ve never seen what they really do. How can I see what they really do and what their main themes are? This is important.

In a brief sentence what is the best advice you can give an up-and-coming photographer hoping to become a professional? 

Never give up, your time will arrive for the best.

Karl Hab is a Travel & Landscape and People & Lifestyle photographer based in Paris. He believes in taking risks and standing your ground, and views this as the only way to truly work your way up. A strong work ethic and staying humble goes along way, believes Karl.

To see more of his work, take a look at his Cherrydeck profile, his Instagram, or his website. For more interviews with great photography talents, check out the interview section on our blog. ?

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