See how the fashion accessory brand, JIMBAG, shot a content campaign in Japan without leaving the headquarters in the UK.

From Great Britain, JIMBAG is a small fashion company producing versatile gym bags. The brand’s main purpose is to provide its consumers with stylish bags that make it easier to transition from the office to the gym.

Having already a good client base in the UK, JIMBAG was looking to expand to other markets, namely to Asia. With Japan as the first target region, the brand faced a couple of challenges.


Trying to penetrate the Japanese market, JIMBAG saw the first difficulties by being a small brand trying to reach consumers overseas. Flying photographers and models to Japan revealed to be an extremely expensive option, and the lack of a creative network on the other side of the world did not facilitate the task.

Besides the struggle to find the right creative, JIMBAG did not have a solid idea of how to depict the product in this new market and what imagery would resonate with consumers in the right way.

Asian model with JIMBAG in Tokyo shoot with Cherrydeck
JIMBAG campaign in Tokyo shot by Yulia Skogoreva

The approach

Together with Cherrydeck, JIMBAG reached out to local photographers in Japan to produce on-brand tailored content. By shipping the products to Asia, the brand was able to depict the bag in a local relevant scenario and speak a visual language that would resonate with consumers.

How did it work?

At first, Cherrydeck opened a call for applications so that photographers in Japan would be able to explore the assignment and apply. After the established deadline, JIMBAG chose their favourite candidate from a shortlist and arranged the final details.

Once everything was set, JIMBAG shipped the bags to the photographer and waited for the images to be delivered. The photographer had then the freedom to choose the locations for the shoot, the right models and the overall idea of the campaign.

As soon as the content was ready, the brand simply received the imagery and could use it for their marketing activities.

JIMBAG shot content overseas with Cherrydeck
JIMBAG campaign in Tokyo shot by Yulia Skogoreva

Main takeaways

JIMBAG did not have to face extra costs of flying photographers plus finding and commissioning models. The brand could benefit from the creator’s local knowledge and connections and, at the end, obtain relevant content for the Japanese market that would resonate with the consumers.

In addition, JIMBAG was able to shoot a content campaign overseas without needing to leave their base country and facing extraordinary expenses of flying a production team. By collaborating with Cherrydeck, the brand got privileged access to local Japanese creators, who had the knowledge and right connections to set up a fashion campaign in the Asian country.

Even for a small British fashion company, it was possible to produce a cost-effective content campaign abroad.

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