Amsterdam-based photographer Caily Bobbie-Jo shared her photography journey and tips with us. From how she began her career, to cultural influences, tips to setting yourself apart, and the best gear. Check it out!

Fashion and beauty photographer, Caily Bobbie-Jo, isn’t afraid to reflect cultural dimensions in her photography. Believing it enhances the image’s story and adds more depth into her signature style, today she shares what drives her work and much more.

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Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Caily Bobbie-Jo. As a young professional I zoom in on fashion and culture. This concept is of special interest to me because it enables me to tell remarkable stories through images.

This is my way to build a global bridge between people and the way they express themselves through fashion. In my work, traveling is my source of inspiration. That’s why you’ll find a lot of international influences in my work. I am always looking for these opportunities or create them myself.

How did you begin your career as a photographer? 

In 2015, I started traveling around the world. During my trip, me and my camera came across many interesting cultures, sceneries and nature. It was there and then that I decided to capture the images and stories of these people and their fashion and culture.

How did you find your photographic style?

In 2016, I took a photographic course for 3 years. I learned how to create my own signature and tell stories through it. After I’d completed my study, life experiences helped me to further develop my own signature. Real life and determination, and dedication are my style! 

Caily Bobbie-Jo
International influences seen in Caily’s project “Moroccan sense”
International influences seen in Caily’s project “Moroccan sense”
How do you find inspiration and how does this influence a shoot?

I find inspiration in cultures, nature and people. Different colours, various fabrics, all type of garments, and how people all over the world use that in their own way to express themselves. 

What type of preparation goes into a fashion/beauty shoot?

I always start off with a meeting with my client. During this ‘touch base’ we stipulate the purpose of the pictures, and what kind of style and location(s) is required.

Based on this information, I start to create a mood board and a storyboard. Then I start to look for and book the perfect team to assist me during the shoot and start scouting for the right location(s).

What has been your favourite project you have done?

Of course one of my favourites is the Silk-ka project. The one that I won the “Best Commercial Campaign” Creators award with. Another I really love is the Vitiligo project.

Caily Bobbie-Jo
Silk-ka shoot
Silk-ka shoot
Caily Bobbie-Jo
Silk-ka shoot
What tips would you give a young photographer hoping to take after your footsteps?

Find out what kind of photographer you want to be and create your own style. Try and really focus on what you want to achieve. 

And very important: if you are really serious about it and want to make it your full time profession, then get connected with a good business coach that understands you, your goals and has the know-how to get you there.

You need to set up your business, which means you will have to undertake actions to position yourself in the market. Starting off the right way is crucial in becoming successful and a known name in the business.

What does it take to set yourself apart in fashion and beauty photography? 

First of all: know who you are, be the best, do what you say and say what you do. 

Secondly, the reason why you get an assignment is because of your network. Who do you know? And, how do you maintain these relationships? Because no matter how good you are, doing business still is a matter of people who give it to you.

Vitiligo project
What are your plans and hopes for the future? 

I hope to travel and discover a lot more in the near future which I can capture in my photography.

That way, I will further build up an impressive portfolio that will hopefully lead to a position at Vogue!

What camera do you use when shooting, and what advantage do you feel like this has on the photo? 

I shoot with the Nikon D810 and the analog Nikkormat Camera. But, if your story is right, you can shoot with any camera you want.

Caily Bobbie-Jo
Vitiligo project
Vitiligo project
Do you have a specific lens that you use for fashion photography? If so, which lens and why is it your favourite?

My all time favourite is the 1.8 – 50 mm lens, it’s super light and small (perfect for travelling) and you can always create a dreamy look. Sometimes when I need a wider angle I use the 1.4 – 35mm.

What software do you use when it comes to editing your photos?

Capture One is the program I use for selecting and editing all the images, and Photoshop for the bigger changes, like retouching.

Caily Bobbie-Jo is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Amsterdam. She finds influence through her travels and isn’t afraid to set herself apart through this! Check out her Cherrydeck profile, her website, and Instagram.

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