For International Women’s Day, at Cherrydeck, we wanted to take this opportunity to feature projects from our talented photographer community that celebrate and empower women.

At Cherrydeck, we have multiple creatives who use photography as a medium to advocate for social justice and feminism. This International Women’s Day, we are happy to highlight some of their projects.

These impactful pictures uplift women by raising awareness about the ongoing issues affecting them every day. Moreover, these projects also cherish women in all diversity of bodies and skin.

Keep scrolling to see 5 outstanding women-centered projects from our community of photographers.

  1. Women of my Generation
  2. “Subtle Game of Torment” – Francesca Biondani
  3. La femme Marseillaise” – Moheli Hamidi-Oliva
  4. Rugby Women” – Ivo de Bruijn
  5. “Skin Flower Sting” – Sophia Langner

“Women of my Generation” – Fanny Beckman

“Women of My Generation” is a series questioning beauty standards by showing diversity.

Statistics from the NHS prove that eating disorders are responsible for more life loss than any other mental health condition. Therefore, I wanted to explore the photographic medium’s responsibility towards these statistics, and how it can be used to prevent – rather than fuel – it from happening to more.

The aim with this project is to prove that it is possible to feel confident regardless of body size, sexuality, ethnicity or socio-economic background. 

Fanny Beckman

Fanny is a fine art and people photographer who uses art to raise awareness of social injustice – mainly from a feminist perspective.

She turned “Women of My Generation” into a multimedia project by adding a podcast. Accordingly, she interviewed models about their relationship to their bodies and discussed relevant underrepresented topics in the media (PCOS, eating disorders, fatphobia within the health sector, etc). You can find the podcast on all major streaming platforms.

For more images, check out Fanny’s website and Cherrydeck portfolio.

“Subtle Game of Torment” – Francesca Biondani

[Trigger warning: sexual abuse]

The fear of the stigma that comes with being a victim of sexual abuse prevents a lot of women from reporting these crimes.

In this work, I confront feelings of embarrassment, weakness and confusion. This has helped me to begin to liberate myself from these feelings and mentally unmask the ways in which ‘love’ presents itself. Through visually translating my experiences, I have drawn strength from their memory.

Francesca Biondani

Originally titled “SOTTILE GIOCO DEL TORMENTO,” this photography project breaks the taboo imposed by society on sexual abuse. It conceptually exposes the feelings victims overcome – from a heart-felt standpoint.

Francesca is a young female photographer in Verona, Italy. She specializes in still-life (lifestyle and fine art), and also works with both digital and analog mediums.

For further insights, visit Francesca’s website, or her Cherrydeck portfolio.

La femme Marseillaise” – Moheli Hamidi-Oliva

We often speak of the French woman as educated and free. The Parisian woman is a symbol of refinement. However, when it comes to the “woman from Marseille,” we say ‘cagole.’ An unflattering term as demonstrated by its Provençal etymology: “Cagulo” – apron of workers who prostituted themselves in the factories in the 1950s – or “caguer” (defecate).

And yet the ‘cagole’ is a symbol of the feminine, self-acceptance, and empowerment of women. The ‘cagole’ is a pirate woman, like an anarchist – she is strong and autonomous. This shooting, carried out by a woman from Marseille calling upon the Marseillaise creation, sublimates it and pays homage to “La femme Marseillaise.”

Moheli Hamidi-Oliva

As seen above, ‘Cagole’ is a pejorative way to refer to women – representing a female stereotype from Marseille and the region of southern France. This photography project contributes to the reclaim of this word (‘cagole’) to celebrate feminism instead.

Moheli is a photographer and art director based in Marseille. His sources of inspiration are gender, identity, minds, and beliefs through fashion, arts, and culture.

For more, head over to Moheli’s website or Cherrydeck portfolio.

Rugby Women” – Ivo de Bruijn

I started working on a project of a female rugby team. My idea was to portray women instead of men – with whom the sport is associated more often. So, I wanted to make this about female strength, fun and coolness, without clichés.

I found a team of friends ranging in age from 16 to 55 years old. My plan was to shoot it for a stock site, but it ended up being more of a personal project: documentary style, raw and personal.

I’ve always loved rugby; the hardness, the discipline, the technique, the fair-play and the speed of the game. But above all, the comradery you need as a team to win or even play it. I found this in abundance during the shoot.

Ivo de Bruijn

Ivo is a portrait and documentary-style photographer, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His central approach is based on collaboration and connection: with models, agencies, and clients.

For more of his work, visit his website or Cherrydeck profile.

“Skin Flower Sting” – Sophia Langner

Where skin gets hurt by a sting, flowers of beauty start to grow. It shall transform a pond of bud into an ocean of flowers.

Woman, stand up, take heart, and reveal your beauty!
Could it be that there grows healing from my deepest shame? Could it be that I was created an unique way, with everything I am? Could it be that I may encourage other women through my self-acceptance?

“Skin Flower Sting” is a photographic art project about the model of femininity and self-worth in our society. Thus, the artworks show seven women with unique features of their bodies, on their way from self- doubts to self-acceptance.

Behind the unseen is true beauty. This is symbolized through a flower which each woman chose herself.

Sophia Langner

Originally titled “Blume Haut Stachel”, this project inspires women to feel comfortable in their own skin, beyond society’s standards of beauty and body stereotypes.

Sophia is a conceptual and advertising photographer, based in Munich, Germany. In particular, she loves ‘the unseen, the unfelt, the unique and the movement’, which are the cornerstones of her work.

For more projects by Sophia, head over to her website or Cherrydeck Profile.

Happy International Women’s Day!

We hope these photography projects highlighting women inspired you! To contribute to the cause of International Women’s Day, check out this list of websites, blogs, and resources containing educational links, relevant organizations, and more.

Last year, we covered famous female photographers you should know of! At Cherrydeck, you can also find a wide range of talented female photographers, videographers, and models!

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