It is often said that the best friendships are the ones we have in our childhood and for the self-taught French photographer Fred Lahache it couldn’t be more true. His young friendship with Hamza not only turned into a lasting one but inspired an artistic photographic series featuring Morocco.

Fred and Hamza grew up together discussing beautiful stories of Morocco and the time Hamza spent with his family during the summer. Having always heard about the dazzling country through his friend’s eyes, Lahache decided to embark on an odyssey to the fascinating land.

Today, we walk through his series Looking for Hamza — a tribute to his friend and a beautiful photographic journey to Morocco.

Looking for Hamza is a diary of the trip we never had.

Fred Lahache

Looking for Hamza by Fred Lahache

Fred Lahache is a landscape and portrait photographer based in Paris, France. Through his camera, he enjoys observing and narrating stories in a contemporary manner. His work has been displayed in galleries such as Galerie Madé, Galerie Honoré-Visconti and Los Patos.

To see more of Fred’s descriptive work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. To find more interesting projects and stories, have a look at the Cherrydeck blog. ?

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