Fabian Schmidt was the videographer chosen by Paperlike to shoot their newest iPad screen surface. The video produced was used for the brand’s crowdfunding campaign and is now available on Kickstarter.

After seeing the job on Cherrydeck’s Newsletter, Fabian decided to file his application. With a few simple steps, he submitted his portfolio, a summary of his background, and after the deadline was over he was informed he had been selected.

I really like the whole experience with the Cherrydeck Newsletter. You get it every once in a while and the application process, the communication with the brand, and also with Cherrydeck is very easy.

I really recommend taking advantage of the Opportunities from the Newsletter!

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Jan Sapper from Paperlike

Paperlike is specialised in iPad screen protectors which feel like paper when writing on them using the Apple pencil. For their product launch, they wanted to use the platform Kickstarter and were looking for an interview-like short video of the founder introducing the recently improved product.

Fabian was in charge of producing the content for the campaign, which should also include a couple of scenes with different people using the product and animations regarding Paperlike’s functioning.

The contact process was as usual (…) We then met at our studio to discuss the project and arranged some dates for the video shoots. After everything was shot, I created a raw cut which we then edit together with the brand owner, Jan Sapper.

? Have a look at Jan Sapper’s feedback about the collaboration.

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From the application process to the finished product, the assignment extended for about 4 to 6 weeks, as dates, models, and all graphics needed to be arranged. The full video is now available on Kickstarter and can be watched here.

Although Paperlike’s goal was to collect 5,000€ to launch the product, the brand ended up collecting over 282,000€ in just 4 weeks.

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Fabian Schmidt - Paperlike 2 Jan Sapper

Fabian Schmidt is a photographer and filmmaker based in Hamburg, Germany.
It was during his exchange year in the USA that he discovered his passion for photo and videography, as he was constantly trying to show family and friends his experiences abroad.

It was when someone tried to purchase his work from Instagram that he realised he could turn his passion into a job. He then worked half a year with the photographer Kazim Gunyar and at 23 years-old quit his job as a mechanic at the airport to start as a full-time photographer and filmmaker.

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