The perks and comforts of modern technology may have us taking photography for granted. Even the cheapest smartphones have a sufferable built-in camera, and because they are in our pockets, we take it anywhere.

But there was a time when taking a good picture would require a lot of gear and effort: tripods, special lenses, different kinds of cameras. 

Although professionals still get better results the old-fashioned way, nowadays, it’s possible to take pictures of high quality and edit them as we see fit. Of course, photo editors won’t do all the job for you, and good photography keeps requiring a still hand and a skilled eye. However, this article will talk about simple mobile photography tips that will make you look like a pro. 

History Corner

After taking so many pictures of our meals, outfit, and other banalities, it’s easy to forget how old the history of photography is. The first documented attempts of capturing images through lenses date back to the early 18th century by Johann Heinrich Schulze. Mr. Schulze tried to print the image on a light-sensitive slurry but failed to produce a long-lasting result. 

A century later, Thomas Wedgwood tried once again and documented everything but had similar problems. Only in the 1820s, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce manages to print a durable image after eight hours of exposure. 


If you’ve had to wait for eight hours to take a picture, we’d surely see way fewer pictures of your cappuccinos around. Anyway, it’s great to be able to capture whatever moment we feel special!

Even if we don’t get the best close, there’ll always be clever apps to fix it up for us. If you also enjoy editing your pictures, there are loads of applications to do the job for you. In this case, don’t forget to check the latest Facetune photo editing tips.

Nevertheless, you can use a few tips to take a picture that will look great, even before the edition.

Wipe It Clean

First things first. There’s no chance of taking a decent picture with a dirty camera. Dust and fingerprints can also stick to the lens while the phone is in your pocket or your bag. Clean your lenses before taking a shot. Do it gently, though, and use a soft cloth. Otherwise, you can scratch your lens and damage it permanently. Don’t risk ruining that perfect moment with a blurred camera. 

Do It Your Way

Digital cameras are smarter than ever and are programmed to define the focus of a frame by themselves. However, they don’t always make the best choices. You can change your camera’s focus by touching the screen where you want to focus at. 

The same goes for exposure. Exposure deals with how much light is taken into a picture. Digital cameras are also programmed to self-adjust exposure, but nothing beats the human eye. You can adjust it manually, swiping the vertical scale under the sun icon. 

Walk the Line

Try to think about the image as a 2D projection that it’ll become as photography. Then, look for leading lines within the frame, like facades, staircases, bridges, and the likes. Leading lines attract the viewers’ attention to the picture and invite them to explore the whole frame. 

Praised Be the Light 

Give preference to use natural lights whenever possible. Just because your camera has a flash, it doesn’t mean you should use it. During the daytime, flashes are largely unneeded. Yet, if you need to use it, try not pointing it straight to the object or person you want to photograph. If possible, use the flash of the second device, so your friends won’t look like they’ve just been arrested. 


The desire to eternalize the ephemeral has been with us for a long time. What once looked like magic now is taste ingrained in our daily lives in such a manner that entire social networks are dedicated to this media. Next time you’re complaining about your smartphone’s camera, spare a thought to the early photographers. Your camera is much more than they had ever dreamed of. 

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