Here at Cherrydeck, we are committed to making the professional lives of our Creatives easier and enabling them to market themselves in the best way possible. While we are constantly improving and expanding the tools that we offer ourselves, sometimes it doesn’t make sense for us to build something that already exists out there.

While we love to listen to, and consider user feedback and feature requests, building a web product is a constant trade-off between offering a lot of functionality, and making sure we have the resources to support and improve all these features in the long-run. So when we come across a piece of software that solves your problems in an elegant way, we want to make sure you have access to it. Even better: you should be getting preferential treatment for being a Cherrydeck member.

Enter: the Deals section

This is why we have built the brand-new Cherrydeck Deals section in your toolbox. We are partnering with other brands that are also committed to making your professional lives as Creatives easier, and provide tools to use in your day-to-day life. These partnerships allow you as a Cherrydeck member to get exclusive access to all of these tools, for a reduced fee. Because everyone loves a good deal.

We will be presenting the launch partners on this blog and our newsletter in the coming weeks. Our first three launch partners are some incredible companies from all over the world:


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Dotphoton Raw allows you to use quantum-mechanics to reduce the file size of your RAW image files by up to 80%, without quality trade-offs. Optimised images are fully editable with dynamic range, metadata and resolution preserved. And it works on your Mac!

Never be concerned about full disks anymore. No more sending around of dozens of hard-drives just to get your images to your client. It just works.
You can read more about the technology behind Dotphoton Raw’s image compression here.

Cherrydeck Deals Dotphoton Raw

We’re excited to announce that Dotphoton is offering Cherrydeck members a 10% discount on their subscription! And even a 50% discount for members of the Full Membership! Go to your Marketing Toolbox to claim the deal.


Have you ever wondered where your images end up on the web?
Most photographers have had to deal with copyright infringement on the internet before, not the least of which happens on social platforms like Instagram.

Pixsy’s mission is to empower creatives around the world to be in control of where and how their work is used online. They provide tools to monitor your images and find, manage, and resolve copyright infringement. You can find out more about Pixsy here.

Cherrydeck Deals Pixsy

Pixsy is offering Cherrydeck members an exclusive deal on their subscription service. As a free member, you get 1000 monitored images in their free plan, 50% off of any paid plan, and 35% off of official copyright registrations with the US copyright office.
As a member of the Full Membership, you get all of that plus their personal plan for FREE for 12 months! Go to your Marketing Toolbox to claim the deal.


While Instagram is a great platform to showcase your portfolio, it doesn’t replace the need for a website entirely. A professional website gives you the ability to display your work the way you want, and to let clients get in touch with you the way they want. It’s just as important as having a business card.

Pixpa gives you a digital place for all of your creative work. Build a stellar website, share galleries with select clients, easily sell prints in your new online store, or build an exclusive photo app for your recent clients. Pixpa shares Cherrydeck’s vision of making your professional lives as creatives as easy as possible online. Find out more about them here.

Cherrydeck Deals Pixpa

Pixpa is offering Cherrydeck members 25% off of all of their subscription plans. Cherrydeck Full Members get a full 50% off of any of their plans! Go to your Marketing Toolbox to claim the deal.

Not a Full Member yet? Sign up here to save on these and lots of other future partnership deals! ?

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