Electric cars are everywhere. Photo content is everywhere too. In 2019, you cannot get around either one. Polestar and Cherrydeck are two companies who are doing things a little differently and we have joined forces to connect both of these growing trends in a cool driving competition!

Spoiler alert: You don’t have to be a car photographer to enter the Polestar competition!

Polestar and Cherrydeck

Polestar is one of the top challengers in the mobility game! An electric performance car brand, looking to devote their work towards a better society through uncompromised design and technology. Their products are not just good, they are also entertaining . You can read more about the Polestar brand here.

The Polestar 1 is a pure performance beast and a product that will blow your mind when thinking about the future of transportation and minimalist design. It is a 600 horsepower twin engine vehicle built for the future, with a seamless design, a panoramic glass roof, superior safety features, and limited to 500 pieces per year and just 1.500 pieces in total!

If you are passionate about minimalism and have a drivers licence , you WILL want to drive this one. 

For the upcoming introduction in the German market, Polestar and Cherrydeck have created a photography competition that gives you the chance to be one of the first ever to drive this car in Germany. 

In four German cities — Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne/Düsseldorf — 12 (3×4) photographers in total will be able to put their hands on the steering wheel of the Polestar 1 and drive it for two days each.

Pack it with friends, enjoy the performance and capture the experience with amazing photographs and short clips in your city to win this competition!

Who are we looking for?

Polestar and Cherrydeck are looking for photographers who bring the following traits to the table:

  • Minimalist and very clean style, matching the Polestar brand. You don’t have to be a car photographer! A landscape, architecture or still life background might be just what we are looking for.
  • Ability to create great photographs and short video clips during the competition
  • Willingness to share the content with their audience during the competition
  • Know where to get great shots in one of these cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne/Düsseldorf and it’s surroundings, and ideally, a solid local network.

Polestar 1 Cherrydeck Competition Solar Power

The winner takes it all (almost)!

The rules are simple: Each chosen photographer drives the car for two days and creates stunning photography content for its portfolio, social media and the competition. We want every participant to be the talk of town, so we will support their Insta-Stories and posts along the way for extra coverage!

But it’s not just a great content opportunity for your Instagram and the privilege of being one of the first people to drive the Polestar 1 that will be beneficial — the winning photographer (one in each city) might get the chance to run an exhibition in a Polestar showroom with press and local content aficionados, and €4.000 for the photography buyouts on top. All the other final contestants will receive €1.000 for participation (just participation, no buyout). The final contestants and winners will be chosen by Polestar and will also be added to their pool of contacts for future campaigns.

Polestar 1 Cherrydeck Stone Dark

Sounds interesting?

The application process is easy, but you can apply to the competition with a Cherrydeck Membership only. If you already have an account with us, you will find the application option in your “Opportunities” section, along with all of the application information.

If you are not a member yet, you can apply to our network here

We’re excited to receive your entries! The application deadline is November 13th!

Polestar Silver and Cherrydeck Competition

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12 replies on “Polestar and Cherrydeck Team Up to Create a Futuristic Content and Driving Experience

  1. Hi there – maybe an explanation in necessary – this competition is not an ad campaign, it is a collaboration with a great brand offering you to try a super unique product. And sure, why not create content along the way and get paid for it, plus a foot in the door with their marketing team? The winner will receive a €4000 buyout for his photos. The other participants keep their rights and still get €1000. How many companies are doing contests without paying anything? We think this is a really cool opportunity.

    1. This campaign is for people who are familiar with the areas. But there are some chances we will expand the competition to other markets.

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