Client: La mer

Outcome: Branded product photography library with 713 images

Duration: 27 days

The assignment

La mer is a company committed to producing exclusive skincare and cosmetic products containing marine compounds. To promote their new Aqua Base line on social media (a lightweight moisturizer, a moisturizing serum, and a rich moisturizer), the brand required new imagery.

Suitably to their name and products, La mer needed images that would fit their water motives and aesthetic.

Rather than planning a high-budget and time-consuming production with different models and locations, the brand opted to work with Cherrydeck to source the custom imagery needed.

The process

With Cherrydeck Branded Stock La mer got the opportunity to source custom images at scale in a time and cost-effective way.

To initiate the process, the first step was to submit a briefing and brand guidelines. Cherrydeck then opened the project to creators on the platform and waited for applications.

After going through hundreds of candidates, three photographers were ultimately designated for the job.

La mer shipped samples of the Aqua Base collection to the creators’ respective addresses and simply waited for the results. Just a couple of weeks later, the brand received a custom stock library with over 700 images featuring their products.

The results

From all the pictures delivered, La mer was able to pick their favorites and purchase the desired selection. Some of the photographs can now be found on the brand’s Instagram account.

After the first acquisition, both selected and non-selected images remained stored in the brand’s private content marketplace and accessible for one year for further purchases.

Sounds interesting? Create your own custom stock library with your brand’s products. Get started with Cherrydeck Branded Stock today.

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Pictures by Jennifer Klüpfel, Ivan Baptista, and Azzurra Piccardi.

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