Client: Pets Deli

Outcome: Branded Stock Library with 744 pictures

Duration: 25 days

The assignment

Pets Deli is a manufacturer of healthy & natural pet food. They wanted authentic photographs for social media and other marketing purposes. These pictures had to portray diverse pets and fit their photography style.

Consequently, they decided to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ to source content at scale.

The process

First, Pets Deli submitted their brief along with their brand photography guidelines so we could deliver exactly what they needed. Accordingly, we posted the assignment on our platform where our talented photographers are able to pitch for the project according to their suitability.

Then, Cherrydeck carried out a shortlisting to find the right fit from a pool of hundreds of talented creatives according to their level of expertise, portfolio, and photography style.

After the selection, Pets Deli sent out their products to our three photographers. All left to do for the brand was to shortly wait for results!

The results

Pets Deli received +700 on-brand images featuring their products with a variety of cats, dogs, and models. The final step was for the brand to select and purchase their favorite images!

With Cherrydeck Branded Stock, the brand only pays for the images they use. Both selected and non-selected photographs remain stored in the brand’s private content marketplace and are accessible for further purchases.

Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ is suitable for pet brands and a wide range of industries within consumer brands: cosmetics, footwear, fashion, electronics, and more.

Interested in creating a custom stock library with your own products? Check out more Branded Stock results for pet brands here, or explore other success stories on the blog.

Photography by Evgeniya Savina, Jana Germanus, Paulina Vogelgsang.

Posted by:Cherrydeck Editorial

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