Client: Yamo

Outcome: Branded media library with 344 images + 94 videos

Duration: 22 days

The assignment

Yamo is a snack brand for “children of all ages.” Last year, they required custom image and video content that would fit their brand, audience, and marketing needs (e-commerce, socials, digital media).

For the assignment, the brand decided to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock.

The process

First, Yamo submitted a brand style guide, making it clear how bold and colorful is their personality. Next, the Cherrydeck team was in charge of finding the right candidates for the job from a pool of talented members.

After shortlisting, three creatives were assigned to the job. Accordingly, Yamo shipped an assortment of their products to our photographers and just had to briefly wait for the results!

The results

Without having to plan a full production or committing to a high budget from the start, Yamo obtained 344 ready-to-buy images in a variety of settings and formats, with also 94 videos and GIFs!

From all the submitted media, Yamo selected and purchased their favorite selection. Both selected and non-selected images and videos remained stored in the brand’s private content marketplace and accessible for further purchases.

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Pictures by Carlo Fernandes, Colin Michel, and Katrin Schlotterhose.

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