Client: Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen (DHG)

Project: Capture the charity golf tournament and music performance by the DHG men’s choir.

Worked with: Eva Peters

The assignment

Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen (DHG) organized a charity golf tournament – as true to their brand — and were, therefore, looking for a photographer. The aim was to capture the unforgettable moments throughout the event, its participants, and sponsors (Porsche, Flink, Edelmetall).

They wanted candid pictures of the golf players and the choir. It was important to them that the pictures would tell the story of the day, and capture the golfers’ emotions while playing and interacting with their teammates.

Eva Peters

The process

Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen trusted Cherrydeck to find the best talent for the job. By submitting a brief, and opening a job opportunity, they only needed to wait for photographers to apply to the assignment in Hamburg.

Cherrydeck shortlisted and selected the most fitting candidates and, ultimately, Eva Peters was chosen for the job. Eva pointed out that the application process was “really easy.”

I simply hit the apply button and my profile and portfolio were forwarded to the client.

Eva Peters

The production

For Eva, this production did not require much preparation since the assignment was 100% candid photography, reportage style.

The job started in the morning, upon the arrival of all participants and guests, and lasted around 11 hours in total – wrapping up after the award ceremony. During the event, she was able to reach out to client representatives at any time if she had a question. In addition, the photo and media team had a WhatsApp group that facilitated communication.

“Telling stories with my pictures is what I love most and for this event I was given free reign over how to go about it. I appreciated the trust the client put in me to do a good job without getting micromanaged”.

Eva Peters on her experience photographing DHG’s charity golf tournament

The results

Finally, the feedback was very positive and the client was truly happy with the outcome. Overall, it was a positive working relationship and a good experience for both Eva and DHG.

Moreover, the golf club contacted Eva as they want to print her pictures for the next issue of their exclusive magazine.

To see more of Eva’s work, you can visit her Cherrydeck profile, her website, or her Instagram account. For more DHG x Cherrydeck success stories, check out Jan, Gabriel, and Julia‘s experiences!

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