When it comes to selling jewelry online, appearances are everything. Your product photos need to clearly communicate the sophistication, intricacy, and beauty of your jewelry.

Capturing the best jewelry product images requires professional photography skills and the ability to work with lighting to bring out the sparkle in jewels and the elegance of precious metals.

An eye for detail

You want your online audience to fall in love with your pieces at first sight. Whether your pieces are elegant and minimalistic or enchantingly intricate, images should capture as much detail as possible.

A professional photographer can help you capture crisp images of your jewelry products, then retouch these images to remove glare and reflections and create a polished finished product.

Harmonize your portfolio

Consistency is key to creating a coherent experience when browsing your products. This includes using a uniform approach to image and background composition.

When it comes to e-commerce the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts, and consistent presentation of jewelry across your product portfolio will add another layer of sophistication and professionalism to your website and brand. 

It’s a lifestyle

Lifestyle images play an important role in marketing your jewelry. By pairing your most beautiful pieces with models, your audience can get a clear idea of how the jewelry looks when worn.

This brings your jewelry to life in a way a simple product image can’t match, and lifestyle images not only add another dimension to your product portfolio but can be used to market your products on social media and other marketing channels.

Professional jewellery photography has never been more accessible

Cherrydeck is a large community of professional photographers. You can filter and browse our photographer profiles and portfolios and contact photographers you’d like to work with.

We also offer a turnkey jewelry and product photography service through Cherrydeck Branded Stock™. 

Send us your jewelry products and we’ll have them photographed by professionals and compile a stock library for your use within 3 weeks. You’ll only pay for the images you use.

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