The assignment

Empire Magazine is a renowned British film magazine with a new franchise called ‘Spotlight‘ which focuses on up-and-coming actors that are on their radar.

On this occasion, they wanted to feature Enzo Vogrincic – starring in J.A. Bayona’s oscar-nominated “Society of the Snow” – who, at the time of the commission, was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Empire was able to look for and find the right photographer through Cherrydeck’s photographer search, and handpicked Thalia Gomez for their shoot.

They showed some examples from the segment and also two examples that they liked from my own portfolio, which I found very encouraging to use my own style.

Thalia Gomez
Enzo Vogrincic photographed by Thalia Gomez exclusively for Empire Magazine in Buenos Aires.

The process

Empire’s Photography Director, Joana Moran, had the logistics figured out beforehand for the shoot. With timing, grooming, and styling all arranged, Thalia, as the photographer, could concentrate solely on her craft. “This was very pleasing because I could focus entirely on my work, how to approach what they needed and bring my style to it

As part of her creative process for this editorial shoot, Thalia immersed herself in Enzo’s world. She listened to a few interviews of Enzo and took a look at what he shared on his Instagram feed. “I immediately saw his curiosity for photography, poetry and music. So I felt there wasn’t much more to design but to leave some space for him to have fun and express himself.

The editorial shoot happened outside, however, there wasn’t a specific location for the photos, so Thalia scouted a few interesting key spots herself, where they ended up shooting. Although the process felt spontaneous, there was a lot of trust, and the project unfolded smoothly.

The production

Spending around an hour for the shoot, Thalia aimed to portray Enzo authentically, while keeping it “simple, playful, and fresh”.

To get started, Thalia asked Enzo to describe himself in a few words, and his choice of “shy and sensitive” set the initial tone for the shoot, with her taking that as a lead to direct the body language at the beginning.

The shoot went by and it built up into a more confident and even flirtatious narrative, which left me very happy because I feel a common subject in my visual speech is sensuality, and I always want to bring that up.

Thalia Gomez
Enzo Vogrincic photographed by Thalia Gomez exclusively for Empire Magazine in Buenos Aires.
Enzo Vogrincic photographed by Thalia Gomez exclusively for Empire Magazine in Buenos Aires.

There were many reasons why I liked this project so much, but the fact that Enzo enjoyed it was my most rewarding aspect of it. I think it’s a way to honor and respect the person who’s being portrayed to try to get them involved and make them feel seen even if it’s not the actual client.  

Thalia Gomez

The results

A few days later, Thalia delivered the retouched photos to the client. For her, the overall experience was very refreshing and validating. “I felt they were interested in my style and let me be who I am as a creative.”

The feedback received from the client echoed their satisfaction, with – in their own words – “lots of very happy faces in the office.”

You can also check out the results on Empire’s December 2023 issue and their Instagram!

Thalia Gomez on Cherrydeck

Thalia Gomez is a professional editorial, fashion, and commercial photographer, and also a professional retoucher. She is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reflecting on her experience with Cherrydeck, Thalia liked the platform and how curated it is, “I felt it worth the effort to upload my portfolio here“. Initially unsure if geographical constraints would hinder opportunities, the photographer was pleasantly surprised by Empire Magazine’s commission arising through the platform.

It was a gratifying surprise to receive this commission, now I give faith that Cherrydeck can connect interesting people for real projects all around the world.

Thalia Gomez

Discover more of Thalia’s portfolio on Cherrydeck, and her website.

Enzo Vogrincic photographed by Thalia Gomez (@thalirose) exclusively for Empire (@empiremagazine) in Buenos Aires in November, 2023.

Photography Assistance: @jotaferrer_
Styling: @thisisjla
Grooming: @cecimartinezmkp
Enzo wears @aynotdead throughout

Photography Director: @joannamoran
Creative Director: @neonmessiah
News Editor: @bethkatewebb
Empire Interview: @ctah1976

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