Creating appealing photos for social media, your website, ads along with other marketing initiatives is a tough task. Today, we bring you multiple product photography ideas for your brand – with examples – so you can get some useful inspiration!

Attractive and engaging visual content has become a crucial part of marketing strategies to make conversions happen. These days, your product on a plain white background won’t do it for everyone, especially on social media. The way you choose to portray your products is a game changer.

But, we are here to help! These product photography ideas can be useful for your different marketing purposes, whether it is for your Instagram page, your hero image on your website, a blogpost, facebook ads or everything in between!

Here are 19 product photography ideas you will love:

  1. Still Life
  2. Floating Products
  3. Mesmerizing Locations
  4. Monochromatic tones
  5. Golden Hour
  6. Pop of color
  7. Everyday Activities
  8. Luxurious Lifestyle
  9. Flat Lays
  10. Packaging show-off
  11. Play with reflections
  12. Hand in shot
  13. Content pour-out
  14. Swatches
  15. What’s in my bag
  16. Blurred Background
  17. Work from home
  18. Geometric Shapes
  19. Isometric Patterns

1. Still Life

A classic of classics: still life photos depict your products beautifully in well-thought compositions surrounded by inanimate objects and decorative elements. These may be fruits, flowers, crystals, stones, waste, etc.

The key is in the set design, make sure the surrounding items don’t shift the focus away from your product, of course.

2. Floating products

It is not magic, but great editing skills! This is surely a creative way to portray your products and catch the eye of potential customers on socials.

This idea works for nearly every product category, and it is particularly amazing for food photography as well.

3. Mesmerizing Locations

Everybody loves to travel. Showcase your products in breathtaking places where people can envision themselves. These photos can be strictly stills of your products or also lifestyle images. In both cases, they will for sure stop your target audience from scrolling.

4. Monochromatic

Monochrome or mochromatic photos are really attractive to the eye, especially for social media. These photos can give out full extravaganza or calm vibes depending of the color and elements chosen for the composition.

Keep your brand’s photography style in mind!

5. Golden Hour

The hype for ‘golden hour’ never gets old, use it for some stunning lifestyle photos of your products or to give your items a nice sun-kissed look with shadow play.

6. Pop of color

This idea comes close to the monochromatic look. However, this time the monochromatic tones are used as contrasting background for your product or another element to stand out.

7. Everyday Activities

The great thing about this idea is that it places your product in relatable scenes that connect with your audience. They give your potential customers more context on your products. Your target audience can see themselves in these scenes and understand more about your product than they would with words.

In the images below, the activities depicted are instantly recognizable and your target audience can associate your brand to them immediately.

8. Luxurious Lifestyle

In contrast to our previous idea, for this one a luxurious lifestyle will be depicted. This refers not to a display of wealth but an investment in activities that bring pleasurable moments in life outside of everyday activities.

Take the examples below: drinking Pfanner’s juice in a yacht, using Badesofa’s cushion while taking a bath with a view to the Alps, and placing Reveel’s products in a relaxing massage scene.

9. Content pour-out

Show your audience what your product contains. You know what they say: it’s the inside that matters. In this case, it’s a useful product photograph for your potential customers who want to see beyond just the packaging of your items.

As you can see, this concept can be applied to different products, from food to skincare.

10. Flat Lays

Flat lays are great to create context, while making your product look gorgeous.

11. Packaging show-off

If your products have distinctive, personalized, or aesthetically-pleasing packaging, you should be showing it off! Your audience will surely love to see it.

Check out the approaches below:

12. Hand-in-shot

This approach never gets old, it’s actually an ever-lasting trend in food photography. A little peak of a hand can do wonders for your engagement.

13. Play with reflections

A creative idea for your next product photography is to play with mirrors or reflective surfaces. Small, big, vintage, modern, you name it – mirrors are never out of style.

Take a look at the great examples below to get inspired:

14. Swatches

People love swatches, especially when it comes to skincare and cosmetic products. When showcased on a model, or handmodel, they give you a sense of the texture, look and feel on the skin.

Swatches are great for product pages to show the different shades of your product and how they look on diverse skin colors.

15. What’s in my bag

Where does your product belong? Whether you carry them in a sustainable grocery bag or a fancy purse, show your audience a look into the bag of your customer persona!

This content would do great on your social media, newsletter, ad campaigns, etc.

16. Blurred Background

Blurred backgrounds are great for mixing lifestyle and product photography. Your product is at main focus (quite literally), while the background helps with communicating feelings, activities, or other elements related to the lifestyle behind your product.

Much better than just a plain background!

17. Work from home

A new reality since the pandemic, the ability to work from home has become a staple in everyone’s company benefits. Don’t miss out on your chance to cater to this audience, and showcase how your product can ease their life when doing WFM.

18. Geometric shapes

Similarly to still life, this idea demands wise photography composition – and it’s definitely a must-try. Arrange your products with geometric items to create stunning images that sell.

19. Isometric Patterns

Isometric patterns are a very popular food photography trend that you can apply to your product photography. The best way to do this in commercial product photography is to combine it with elements that help convey a message about your product.

It can be done with photoshop for a cleaner look or, of course, by placing your assortment of products in a consistent way. Look at the examples below using the product’s related ingredientes and a gift box. Both adding context to the product photographed!

We love to place product photos like these on website banners or social media!

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