The fashion industry today commands the aspirations of millions across the globe. From magazines, blogs, and social media to the endless fashion weeks and billboards, fashion couldn’t be more on the spotlight — and so couldn’t fashion photography.

Today, we talk with Olivia Bossert about the industry and her own experience as a photographer.

Growing up in culturally and fashionably unique places like Geneva and Ibiza, the photographer Olivia Bossert was drawn towards fashion and beauty since she was only a fifteen year old.

In this interview, we ask her 10 questions about her experience, priorities, and advice when it comes to working in the fast-paced fashion and photography businesses.

Olivia Bossert - Fashion Photography

Tell us about yourself. Who is Olivia Bossert?

I am a Swiss fashion and beauty photographer based in the UK. I am inspired by nature, but also colour and fashion in general. My love for fashion is why I ended up making a career of it. If I am not shooting or working, my favourite thing to do is going on long walks with my dog.

What are your top 3 priorities when conducting a fashion shoot?

My first priority is always the story. What is the story and how can I make sure I tell that story well. 

After outlining that, I like to know what is the purpose of the shoot and understand more about the client. The intention of these photos or what they want to sell though it is also an integral part of learning before I decide on the output of the narrative.

Finally, everyone on set should have a good time. It is extremely important to me that all the people involved in the shoot are well looked after and treated with love and respect. This is meant to be a fun job!

What are the difficulties faced when beginning a fashion shoot?

One of my biggest issues is definitely the weather – I shoot on location a lot for brands and magazines. If the weather in the UK decides to be difficult (which it often is) it makes things stressful. Thankfully, my teammates and clients are always helpful and understanding. We work together and make things happen. 

Olivia Bossert - Fashion Photography

How important is the client brief. What and how do you expect it to be?

A clear brief is the difference between the client loving what you do and never calling you back again for a second shoot.

That being said, I think that it is the photographers’ responsibility to make sure they ask the right questions ahead of the shoot and not rely solely on the brief given by the client. 

How much importance do you give to post shoot edits?

In the last few years, I’ve shot more using film. As a photographer, it has slowed me down slightly. I feel sometimes it is easy to get carried away with the click of a button. It stops us from thinking about what we’re actually shooting. I call it ‘going into the chimping mode.’

Shooting film has helped me calm down. Now, even when I photograph digitally, I click fewer images which makes the post shoot editing much easier.

Tip: If you can get things right while you’re shooting or before you even press the shutter, you’ll speed up your post production time massively. 

What are the various lenses and post production tools that you use and would recommend?

I use a Nikon D750 and tend to use either a 50mm, 85mm or 105mm macro lens for beauty. I shoot tethered to Capture One in a studio and like organising my files with Lightroom. For editing I use the good old fashion Photoshop! 

What tips would you give to early-stage fashion photographers?

Firstly, accept that this is a long term game. Building a career in fashion photography takes time, patience and dedication. Meet and network with as many people as you can and then learn to maintain relationships with people.
You never know which door opens up, especially from someone you don’t expect! 

How would you describe your photography journey in one sentence?

My photography journey so far has been up and down, all around. But it has been incredibly fun and inspiring. 

Is there something that you still want to experiment with but haven’t?

I am new to beauty photography. Currently, I am in the phase where I am truly enjoying it and would like to focus and experiment with it some more. Also, I would like to try my hand at creative lighting set ups in year 2020. 

What is next for Olivia Bossert?

I would like to have some shoot sessions with a sustainable mindset behind them. We as an industry need to start thinking more about the planet and how the fashion industry is affecting it. This is something I want to work on in my photography journey ahead. 

Photographer and podcaster, Olivia Bossert currently shuttles between London and Cornwall. She has worked with uncountable brands, magazines, and businesses with a focus on helping them grow their market, sell products, and embolden their social communities.

To see more of Olivia’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. For more inspiration on fashion, see Model Jan de Villeneuve’s journey of more than 50 years in the fashion industry, here.  ?

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