We often hear that silence is not empty, it is in fact it is full of answers — fortunately, this “nothing is something” phenomenon is not just limited to the realm of meditation but also extends to creativity. Sometimes blank spaces create a vacuum in which new ideas can flourish. The project Subtlety of Unquietness is one such case.

Taking that thought to the next level, photographer Margarida Reis Pereira came up with a mindful project called “Subtlety of Unquietness“. She began by depicting a set of fragments in a non-linear narrative. The photographs in this series depart from the abstraction of recognisable elements and transport us to a parallel reality.

Keeping in mind the dualities of boundaries as well as the discomfort generated by individual and spatial questioning, the series showcases ambiguous spaces that are absent of references and evoke a sense of strangeness and unfamiliarity, despite their beauty.

Margarida Reis Pereira - Subtlety of Unquietness

Margarida reverse engineered the project by starting with a free mind and photographing some places of interest. Analysing the images and understanding the attraction to a particular setting came next. Once she started putting the pieces of the puzzle together by matching words to photographs, it all fell into place.

Margarida Reis Pereira - Subtlety of Unquietness

On observing closely, there is a lack of time and action which is transversal to the photographs. Through calming images, Margarida tries to create a sense of emptiness and silence yet making it seem like something is awaiting to happen.

Margarida Reis Pereira - Subtlety of Unquietness
Margarida Reis Pereira - Subtlety of Unquietness

With the use of pastel colours, lights and shadows, Pereira deliberately places these images in an imaginary field.  These seemingly inhabited landscapes, represent a mystery in themselves and expose the world as an enigma and an attempt to find its meaning.

Margarida Reis Pereira
Margarida Reis Pereira - Subtlety of Unquietness

Ultimately, Margarida creates a fluid melancholy of ambivalent images which lie between certainty and uncertainty and attempt to reconsider our perceptions and convictions.

Margarida Reis Pereira is a Lisbon based architect and a self-taught photographer. Through Instagram, she discovered her hobby could be a serious profession and continues her love for fine arts by translating her ideas via photography. 

For more of the photographer’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see the photographic interpretations of the coldest season of the year, check out the Winter Spirit of 2019 by our some of our members. ?

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