With 2020 being a year to remember, creativity and innovation were greatly challenged. Covid had a drastic impact on the development of many different fields and forced brands to think outside-the-box.

Throughout the year, we have been sharing a range of marketing campaigns that have come to light for being creative, innovative, or ground-breaking. Today, you can find compiled in this article the Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020 — including those and some other noteworthy brand moves.

Browse the sum-up below and start the year with a shot of inspiration for your next campaign. Enjoy!

Budweiser: Wassup Quarantine Edition

During Covid, Busweiser brought back their much loved “Wassup” phrase. However, this marketing campaign was presented with a twist. The original “Wassup” campaign is from the 1990s and Budweiser decided to play on this idea.

The quarantine edition acts as a remix of the original, where the new audio overlays the original film. The campaign successfully captured the mood of lockdown, as well as the connection and communication which was still upheld during Covid.

In addition, humour was added through the “Wassup” catchphrase, perfectly showing how people quarantining started to go slighlty crazy.

Mercedes-Benz x Virgil Abloh: Project Geländewagen

In 2020, Virgil Abloh rebuilt the concept of luxury through transforming the iconic G-class in “Project Geländewagen.” One of the most famous designers of his generation, the co-founder of Off-White and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s mens fashion partnered with Mercedes-Benz Chief Creative Director, Gorden Wagener, to bring to life the experiment.

The interbreed of creative perspectives resulted in a truly one of a kind conceptual piece of art. The iconic G-class was turned upside down with a new sports appearance and playful gadgets. A true depiction of what innovation and modernisation stands for.

A collaborative project to create a unique design piece from an iconic car model: the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.


Lacoste x National Geographic: Wildlife Campaign

During Covid it became clear to the general population just how badly we are damaging our ecosystems. Lacoste and National Geographic joined forces to launch an exclusive collection aimed to celebrating wildlife.

The campaign was viewed as an incentive to encourage people to open their eyes to the natural beauty in various environments. Its timely relevance and adjustment to the current situation, put it immediately under one of the best marketing campaigns of 2020.

Besides being a milestone in getting individuals to be more aware of their surroundings, the campaign was inspired by the “The National Geographic Photo Ark.” A project from the photographer Joel Sartore, in which he captured more than 10,000 species to increase the knowledge surrounding wildlife protection.


As Pride events were canceled in 2020, brands had to become creative in showing their support. Calvin Klein is known for staying on top of current events and working with many strong characters — and the #PROUDINMYCALVINS campaign was no exception.

For the campaign, the photographer Ryan McGinley portrayed nine models, actors, activists, and creatives from the LGBTQ+ community. The outcome intended to invite people to believe in themselves, be proud of who they are, and write their own story.

Polestar x Cherrydeck: Five Photographers, Five Cities, One Polestar 1

To launch Polestar 1 for the first time in Germany, the electric car brand, Polestar, collaborated with Cherrydeck for a local and targeted approach. The marketing campaign counted with the talent of five German photographers in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, and Munich.

The photographers received the car and took individual pictures and videos in each of the locations. In a one-time effort, Polestar launched and promoted Polestar 1 with fully customised content to the different German cities.

The campaign stands out by its singular go-to-market strategy, efficiency in cost and production, as well as content quality.

Deeply: “Love Letter to Summer

To launch their beachwear collection during Covid, the Portuguese brand Deeply tried to find a way to communicate a positive message which was at the same time commercially effective.

The attempt was to not let the lockdown circumstances affect the creativity and success of the campaign, but also of its customers. Through a 1.30 minute video produced in collaboration with content creator Marie Pfisterer, the swimwear was presented indoors in numerous everyday, household activities.

Due to the creative repositioning of a product that most brands associate with the beach, Deeply was able to create a top marketing campaign – speaking not only to its audience, but the time.

Gucci: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

During Covid, home-office and social distancing regulations hindered from the traditional holiday office parties. However, Gucci found a creative way to overcome these measures. In order to remind us what these holiday festivities look like, Gucci planned their holiday campaign just around this idea.

A holiday party set in the 90s, where the workplace becomes an impromptu mix of dance floor, nightclub and bar.


Gucci tends to invite the consumer to see their products placed into action on their marketing campaigns. The 2020 Gucci Gift campaign is a perfect example of how a brand can disguise their product into a diverse and extraordinary setting.

Expedia: “Let’s Take A Trip”

The last marketing campaign on the list of the Best Marketing Campaigns in 2020 is the “Let’s Take a Trip” campaign by Expedia. This campaign is truly one that calls on the creative genius and a lot of time!

As the travel industry is one of the most affected markets during Covid, Expedia sought out to create a campaign which leaves the consumer flooded with travel lust. The brand was able to adapt to the consumers current mood, but leave them hopeful for when travelling is no longer a risk.

The campaign is a stop-motion film in which a couple is portrayed in various travel scenarios through the use of home objects such as blankets, cushions, and books. The artistically crafted campaign belongs to one of the best due to its humour, editing style, and the positivity it shares.

Tips and Advice For Marketing Campaigns During Covid

The Coronavirus Pandemic does not seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon. So it can be appropriate to consider how to keep adapting your marketing efforts to the times we are living.

Here are some tips and advice on how to design your upcoming marketing campaign — Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Humour

Don’t be afraid to include a bit of humour in your marketing campaigns. The pandemic is a very special situation taking over the world, so it is okay to encourage a positive and uplifting mood. With limits, of course!

Take a look at how Ikea Israel created an instruction sheet on how to properly stay at home with the door closed, and toilet paper included back in March.

Tip #2: Community Efforts

As the first wave of the pandemic provided many difficulties for creative minds and small businesses, many brands found themselves in financial difficulties. In order to hinder it, globally known and more established names made an effort to raise donations.

An example is how Spotify raised donations for artists who’s shows and tours were cancelled.

best marketing campaigns of 2020

Tip #3: Distributing the Feeling of Unity

A frequently used slogan during Covid was that everyone is going through “this” together. Many well-known brands acted on the claim to create their own type of pact with their consumers.

An example is Coca-Cola encouraging social distancing through their campaign “Staying apart is the best way to stay united.” Being a brand that is strongly associated with family- and friends-focused advertising, the consumer resonates to the emotional message.

best marketing campaigns of 2020

The Main Takeaway

As reflected on the marketing campaigns and messages spread, 2020 was a year in which many actions had to be adjusted. Brands could not stay indifferent to the pandemic and the communication needed to be rethought.

If there is one key takeaway from the Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020 is that relevance and timing are crucial for success.

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