Halloween is coming and this year — after all of last year’s constraints — people couldn’t be more willing to celebrate the season. Make sure you make the most of it and have access to the best tips and tricks for your Halloween marketing campaign to be a success.

The festivities start earlier

According to Tim LeBel, President of Sales at Mars Wrigley U.S, in this interview to The Drum, an earlier distribution of their products last year created new ways to interact with customers. People were baking treats, enjoying Halloween candy during movie marathons, or simply buying sweets for a ‘treat yourself’ moment. It’s never too early for a little treat!

What about experiential marketing?

After Halloween 2020 being remote for most of us, 2021 will be all about being together. Therefore, it’s crucial that you find ways to be part of the celebration either in-store, in public spaces, or even at people’s homes!

Experiential marketing can be a great way of doing it. This marketing strategy immerses customers and deeply engages them to create a connection between product and emotion. As an example, Red Bull is an absolute pro when it comes to making you feel adrenaline through experiences such as Felix Baumgartner’s Stratos Jump.

Recreate your iconic products, with a Halloween twist!

This is true for the food industry as well as for many others such as cosmetics or lifestyle! Relevant products will bring you more sales during the spooky season.

With its previous Halloween marketing campaign named Halloween Never Looked So Good, Kylie Cosmetics had an increase in social media following and website engagement within one week of execution.

Halloween marketing campaign
From Kylie Cosmetics website

Last but not least: get the Halloween vibe on your website and social media profiles

This is no secret, Halloween is all about decoration and dressing up! So get your online presence a seasonal costume and make sure you prepare special content for the occasion! It doesn’t need to be spooky, find what works the best for you and your audience.

Halloween marketing campaign
From Wild Instagram account

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