Commercial travel photography has emerged as a compelling avenue for brands not only in the hospitality sector but beyond. In the realm of digital marketing and social media, where visuals play a big role, travel photography campaigns weave stories that resonate with multiple audiences in different industries.

Travel photography in itself is one of the most popular fields for amateur and professional photographers, capturing breathtaking landscapes, memorable activities and sceneries, and the world around them.

Consequently, in the ever-evolving world of travel photography, many commercial photographers set a new standard for capturing the spirit of wanderlust while promoting consumer brands, hotels/resorts, outdoor brands, and various other travel-related items.

Incorporating travel photography into your campaigns can provide an authentic visual narrative, drive engagement with stunning shots, and bring lasting impressions of your brand and its products.

Let’s explore 10 advanced travel photography ideas that will elevate your brand’s message.

1. Embrace the great outdoors

Emphasize the harmony between nature and your outdoor brand’s products. From tents perched atop mountains to backpacks nestled in scenic Keukenhof gardens, let your travel photography depict the symbiotic relationship between adventurers and the environment they explore, all while showcasing your brand’s quality gear.

2. Wanderlust chronicles: a travel diary series

Create an enchanting travel diary series that encapsulates the essence of wanderlust while subtly featuring various consumer brands. Collaborate with skilled travel photographers and storytellers to craft visually captivating narratives of their journeys, documenting every step of their explorations.

Each installment of the series could focus on a different destination, with the photographers showcasing how consumer brand products perfectly complement their adventures. From luxury hotels and resorts to outdoor gear and travel essentials, let the photographs tell a tale of seamless integration, inspiring viewers to embark on their own wanderlust-filled journeys with your brand by their side.

Below, professional photographers Tim Hasl collaborates with Deuter (Backpack manufacturer brand), Anton Baranenko with Nokia (Consumer electronics brand), Kai Grossmann with Vuarnet Sunglasses, and Alexandre Dim with Vanride (Campervan rental service) alongside their stunning travel photography shots for the campaigns.

3. Enchanting wanderers with suitcases

Highlight the elegance, durability, and style of your brand’s suitcases through breathtaking travel photography. Create dreamy visuals of travelers strolling through picturesque landscapes, elegantly pulling their suitcases.

Emphasize how your suitcases effortlessly blend into any environment, becoming essential companions for adventure-seeking globetrotters.

4. Advertising dreams

Craft visually striking imagery that incorporates your brand’s offerings subtly yet effectively. Viewers will associate your brand with unforgettable travel experiences by creating captivating storytelling photos. Whether billboards, online banners, or social media campaigns, your advertising will spark wanderlust in your audience.

5. Driving the road to adventure with cars

Showcase the synergy between your cars and the allure of travel destinations. Capture cars parked against stunning backdrops – from rugged mountains to serene coastlines. Demonstrate the cars’ versatility and comfort, inviting viewers to embark on their journeys with your brand leading the way.

Check out the amazing pictures and localized content that electric car brand Polestar got in collaboration with Cherrydeck: 21 photographers in 7 different cities captured the Polestar 2.

6. Immersive brand ambassadors

Collaborate with influential travel photographers to create powerful visual narratives. With their expertise and your brand’s products, you can capture authentic travel moments, resonating with audiences worldwide. These ambassadors will represent the spirit of adventure and your brand’s commitment to quality. This is why it is crucial to find and hire the right influencer to help you meet your marketing objectives.

Check out these collaborations with photographer Julia Nimke and Adobe Lightroom. As well as Thomas Kakareko and Samsung Germany.

7. Fitness meets exploration

The combination of travel and lifestyle photography is irresistible. Fuse the excitement of travel with fitness and outdoor gear. Photograph fitness enthusiasts engaging in adrenaline-pumping activities like rock climbing, kayaking, or hiking, with your brand’s products seamlessly integrated into the adventures.

Illustrate that exploration and fitness go hand in hand with your brand.

8. Wanderlust and the hospitality industry

Immerse potential travelers in the world of luxury and comfort that your hotel or resort offers. Capture moments of relaxation, culinary delights, and memorable experiences that guests can expect.

Use photography to tell a story, inviting viewers to envision themselves indulging in a blissful vacation.

9. Travel-focused social media campaigns

Incorporate user-generated content to amplify the impact of your travel photography. Encourage travelers to share their adventures with your brand’s products, whether sipping coffee from your branded thermos atop a mountain or relaxing in a hammock on a tropical beach.

The authenticity of these shared experiences will engage potential customers and build brand loyalty.

10. Travel fusion: the art of product integration

Challenge the conventional norms of travel photography by integrating consumer brand products creatively into awe-inspiring landscapes and cityscapes.

For example, imagine an otherworldly shot of a tent pitched atop a snow-capped mountain, with the brand’s logo subtly etched into the tent fabric. Or picture a picturesque beach scene where a couple enjoys a romantic sunset, and the beach bag next to them bears the consumer brand’s insignia. This unconventional approach creates captivating visuals and sparks curiosity, encouraging viewers to explore your brand’s offerings further as they marvel at the artistry of product integration.

Crafting impactful travel photography campaigns for brands is not so hard…

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Let’s sum it up

Travel photography is a genre of photography available to anyone who loves to travel. The main thing is to convey the atmosphere of the place you want to show people. When it comes to brands, they can leverage the perks of stunning travel shots as well.

Our commercial travel photography ideas are not just about capturing moments. They inspire dreams, ignite wanderlust, and connect consumers to your brand’s identity.

By incorporating these ideas into your commercial travel photography, you can establish a compelling and cohesive brand narrative, making your products and services essential companions for every traveler’s journey.

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