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Jordi Foto

Barcelona, Spain

Food & Still Life | Business & Corporate

Photography, specially gastronomic photography are my (almost) everyday. But it's not been always like that. It's also clear my name couldn't be Jordifoto but it fits me. Long ago a friend of mine started calling me "the photos" and then there wasn't much left till my nowadays nickname. I've had others. Some of them quite rude some others almost lovely. But this one fits me, indeed. Perhaps because I feel identified with it. With Jordi and with Foto. I could tell you a dramatized story abou my old man and his ancient Minolta, or maybe something about shooting Velvia slides at 16 YO. Just chatting...I've been in the photography business for almost 20 years now. And people and food were always one step behind my decisions. So nowadays, growing older I've made up my mind and focus on what I'm really interested in. People, food and photography. If you have any gastronomic project that might pass through photography to develop itself; if you have an idea you can't figure out how to bring to the amazing world of light 2D or if you wish to have a good portrait just let me know. We'll figure out how to do it. If you just want to have a coffee with "el fotos" the door is open too! :-)