Skill and creativity can be found in various styles of photography. This week, we celebrate fresh talent recently arrived to Cherrydeck and appreciate their artistry by highlighting their work. From portraiture to lifestyle to stills’ experts, many new talents have joined our community this month. Check out the new members and enjoy these beautiful images as much as we do!

Aude Lerin | London, UK
Lea Grobler-Kalinowsky | Berlin, Germany
fresh talent
Cody Shutler-Levi | Dorchester, UK
Silvana Trevale | London, UK
Petter Berg | Göteborg, Sweden
fresh talent
Kevin Jordan O’Shea | Paris, France
Jannik Hanne | Berlin, Germany
Dwight Neville | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Benny Byström | Stockholm, Sweden
fresh talent
Julia Hördler | Chemnitz, Germany
Rebecca Carozzo | Alicante, Spain

If you want to see more Editors’ Picks, take a look at Celebrating Summertime. Interested in becoming part of our community? Sign-up here. To find more fresh talent, visit the Cherrydeck photographer’s search section. ?

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