Are you wondering how to make your Black Friday marketing campaigns stand out of the crowd? Check out our insights on why it is important to focus on Black Friday and strategies you can adopt!

But before we dive into the key strategies and content for Black Friday marketing campaigns, let’s discuss the basic overview of this holiday!

What even is Black Friday?

The day after the US holiday, Thanksgiving, is known as Black Friday – typically regarded as the unofficial day where the first Christmas gifts are bought. Retailers celebrate Black Friday through initiating special offers such as sales and discounts, making it the largest retail sales day in America. Although, it was initially started in the US, Black Friday has now made its mark in numerous cultures world-wide.

But, why focus on Black Friday?

Well, not only is Black Friday great for consumers to get a discounted kick-start in that exasperating holiday shopping. But, it can be a great way to drive up your company’s revenue and generate more consumer loyalty. With Black Friday deals being moved to online platforms, creating outstanding campaigns which generate a vast amount of clicks has never been more influential.

With the recent popularisation of Black Friday in various countries, it has never been more important to make your campaigns standout! Black Friday is a great opportunity for brands to show their creativity to their already existing customers, generate more loyalty from them, and attract potential customers too. The holidays is the time where you as a brand get the chance to break boundaries and really speak to the public!

With 30% of all annual retail sales happening between Black Friday and Christmas, it is now more than ever, important to kick-start the shopping-season with a bang!

Check below our set of tips for how your campaign can get more clicks!

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Create Quality Content that Stands Out with these Ideas!

With social media platforms being the number one source for Black Friday marketing campaigns, you can only imagine how many companies are posting their unique holiday content. It has never been more important to craft an individual style – find out how below!

1. Engage Your Followers with Vertical Videos on Instagram

With mobile shopping turning into the new norm, it is now even more crucial to stay relevant and interesting. Whilst posting images on social media platforms can be a great way to bring the brand’s message across, cinemagraph vertical videos are the newest way shoppers discover the latest products.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, and hours before the Black Friday mayhem takes its toll, try incorporating video content – either on your Instagram Story, for IGTV, or on your Feed. It’s an engaging way to connect with your shoppers whilst providing a little entertainment. Also, presenting a product you are promoting always helps curate more customer loyalty. But remember, to set yourself apart from all the other brands who are taking the same approach – keep the content more spontaneous and human-like; projecting realistic standards is very trendy at the moment!

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2. Illustrate a Gift Guide with Inspiring Images

Everyone knows the pain of finding that perfect holiday gift for their loved ones, so why not make the decision-making process easy for your community? Let your customers rely on you when it comes to finding that one perfect gift by creating a gift guide!

A gift guide is a compelling way to show your community the top gift selections, often sorted by categories: price point, genre of the product, gender, age, etc. Whilst gift guides are one of the most traditional forms of advertisement around the holiday season, especially Black Friday, it is vital to set yourself apart. How you may ask? Base your gift guide on a trend; for example: minimalism, sustainability, or even a fashion trend, and reflect your brand in a transparent way.

After you have decided what you want to present, its time to decide upon a style! Go away from the typical commercial campaigns that are flooded with powerful text! Instead, make a powerful statement with your image – you know what they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

Whilst social media is an easy platform to share gift guides, for example in Stories, it may not be the most beneficial platform. If your goal is to share your quality content and Black Friday deals with more than your typical community, it would be a good idea to take Email marketing into account! The benefit which this provides is you can directly reach new customers in a flexible and cost-efficient way.

Presenting the vibe through black imagery and detailing is a hidden way to approach your key audience(s). Get inspired by the mood-boarding, featuring the works from our talented creatives!

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3. Creating Artistic Shoppable Posts Rather Than Commercial Ones

Shoppable posts on Instagram provide the perfect balance between advertising and sales – a win-win for both you and your customers. All you have to do is add product information tags to your feed and on your posts. However, while this may seem kind of bland, the upgrade to presenting quality content is not too far away. Present your product/service in a way that will spark conversations and try to steer away from the typical Black Friday advertisement style. Again, make it more about the image and not so much the text on top, for example, show that it is Black Friday through including black tones into your visuals! The visual aesthetics are the only way to set yourself apart and present your content in a less commercial way. Selling the product through optical appeal will present itself in a more attractive fashion and generate discussions!

And, remember – you can always provide information in the captions! There is no need to cover up an amazing picture with text, if you can also write under it.

4. Timing, timing, timing

Don’t forget – not only is it important that your Black Friday marketing campaign has an artistic aesthetic to set your brand apart from the rest, time can be everything! It can make or break your campaign!

The best time to start sharing your content is in the second week of November! This way, shoppers will not be seeing your individual style a week before the festivities, but will already have grown a little interested towards what you are offering!

5. Foreshadow the Brands Future and Win New Clients

As mentioned previously, Black Friday is a crazy time in which a lot of money is spent and shopping is done! If one store is all sold out of a product, then the eager shoppers will just keep looking for it. Turn this ‘shopping desperation’ into your advantage, by not only advertising early on, but foreshadowing your brands next campaign. If someone buys something once and likes it, the probability that they will return is high!

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