Client: mhplus

Project: Capturing the new campaign “Adrenaline vor der Haustür”

Worked with: Zhenya Savina

The assignment

The insurance company, mhplus was in need of a creative professional to capture their new “Adrenalin vor der Haustür” campaign. The idea was to tell the stories of 3 protagonists who found something that really excited them during the limitations enforced through Covid-19. The story of each protagonist was to be 1-minute in length.

The selected photographer was required to select the 3 protagonists, write the script, and shoot three 1-minute videos reflecting this. The short films should be used as an advertising tool on mhplus’ Instagram.

The process

To find the best creative for the project, mhplus relied on Cherrydeck to make the process easier.

Zhenya Savina was the creative professional chosen to capture the 3 campaigns that made up “Adrenalin vor der Haustür”.

Through the Cherrydeck newsletter, Zhenya become aware of the job opening on the opportunities page and applied directly with her profile.

The production

After receiving the job, Zhenya set out to find 3 protagonists with interesting and catchy stories that should could feature in the campaign. From there on she wrote down their stories, which helping generate the script for the project.

After all of these pre-production efforts were achieved, Zhenya shared the proposed concepts with the team of mhplus, before beginning the production phase.

From the first call with mhplus to the final delivery, the project spanned a little over a month. The only aspect which proved itself as being difficult was the scheduling, tested between good weather and the availability of the models.

Federico, a wanderer, who was forced to quit his around-the-world-journey and return back to Switzerland. However, with his wanderlust still present, he explored his home-country and found hidden-gems close to his hometown.


Zhenya credits the contact process through Cherrydeck as being extremely helpful. Having moved to Germany shortly before the pandemic took its toll, she was afraid of not being able to live out her creativity as many jobs had been cancelled and travel restrictions were placed into action. However, with the Cherrydeck weekly updates of companies and their current opportunities Zhenya was provided the chance to overcome the uncertain times.

Cherrydeck happened to be a perfect platform for me, it helped me to create my portfolio again, explore the market and connect with clients.

Zhenya Savina
Zhenya Savina
Camila, a young researcher frustrated with home office, who found a great balance through stand-up paddle boarding.

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In the past few years, Zhenya has been working as a wedding, commercial, and editorial photographer – having her work published in Vogue Brides Australia, National Geographic Russia, and Mercedes Benz. To see more of her portfolio, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her Instagram account. To read more success stories, have a look at Leo’s Story or Karl’s Story, who shot for Google Cloud.

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