No matter if you’re selling beauty products, are in charge of promoting a beauty store, or need to create editorials for a magazine, working with a top beauty photographer is decisive to your success.

A beauty photographer is someone skilled in creating close-up images of subjects and highlighting their features and specific beauty products. They will usually know how to interact with models and support a team of hair and make-up artists to generate high-quality beauty photographs.

Cherrydeck has an extensive database of professional beauty photographers in London. We’ve gathered a collection of six of our most outstanding members.

Ian Lim

Ian Lim is a London-based freelance beauty photographer known for his creative, engaging portfolio. He collaborates with international fashion models and brands to create unique content ranging from exclusive events to commercials, editorials, and portfolio work.

George Kroustallis

George Kroustallis is a creative director and photographer based in London, whose work traverses form, light, materiality, and femininity via concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life, and beauty. Some of his previous clients include Lancome, Burberry, Reebok, Refinery29, and Yatzer.

Cass Michael

Cass Michael is a beauty, swimwear, and fashion photographer based in London, UK. Traveling regularly for work, Cass is usually between the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Gigi Umbrasaite

Gigi Umbrasaite is a beauty and editorial professional photographer currently based in London, UK. Represented by GIANT Management Melbourne, she brings a female perspective into her work.

Felipe Meggio

Felipe Meggio, also known as “London Beauty Photographer” is a professional beauty photographer, videographer, and retoucher with his own studio in Islington, London. Felipe is experienced in creating full beauty and fashion campaigns, including putting a team together to make it happen.

Dan Cristian Filimon

Dan Filimon is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty freelance photographer based in London, UK. Besides his commercial work, he is also available for private shootings.

Find the best beauty photographers in London with Cherrydeck

Now that you’ve got to know some of our favorite beauty photographers in London, we invite you to explore our full database of fashion and beauty photographers in this location.

To find a freelance beauty photographer in London:

Step 1: Select the ‘Search’ button on the top left of the home page of Cherrydeck

Step 2: Enter ‘London’ in the location field

Step 3: Choose ‘London, UK’ from the dropdown selection that appears

Step 4: Select ‘Fashion & Beauty’ as your category option

Step 5: Further customise your search, including:

  • number of followers
  • experience level
  • access to a studio
  • post-production services
  • videography services

Step 6: Once you are done setting your filters, hit the ‘Show Results’ button.

Afterward, you’ll be presented with a set of matching beauty photographer profiles from our database, along with their portfolios.

To gather more information about a certain professional, you can simply click on their ‘Profile’ button.

The action will open their full profile where you can view more of their beauty work and contact them through our platform.

Find a London beauty photographer now or check our past collaboration with the beauty brand, Apricot Beauty.

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