You know the feeling of just having missed the deadline for a cool competition? Or had forgotten to apply to that one job you were actually interested in?

We know it sucks and that’s why we’re testing the Cherrydeck Opportunities Calendar!

It’s basically a downloadable calendar that we will update regularly with job openings, deadlines, competitions, and other relevant creative opportunities that you can apply to.

This way you can have all the relevant happenings integrated in your own agenda and never again miss an opportunity where you could be a great fit!

When you integrate the Cherrydeck Opportunities Calendar in your own, this is how it looks like:

cherrydeck opportunities calendar with photography jobs on your private calendar
Cherrydeck Opportunities Calendar integration example

Click below to add the Cherrydeck Opportunities Calendar to your Google Calendar:

or add the following iCal to subscribe directly with any other apps:

In case you’ve missed it, we also have the Cherrydeck Webinars Calendar, that you can subscribe to keep up with our latest webinars — from creatives to creatives.

Click below to add it to your Google Calendar:

or add the iCal that follows to subscribe to it with any other apps:
Answers to questions you might have
Does the calendar work with Android devices?

It does. Simply click on the “Add Calendar” button above to subscribe with your Google account.

The calendar subscription works on iPhone but not on my desktop or tablet…

You can simply subscribe to the calendar on desktop and tablet using the webcal link we mentioned previously.

Does the calendar work on Outlook?

It does. You can simply subscribe to the calendar on Outlook using the webcal link we mentioned previously.

It’s a cool idea, but I would like to unsubscribe. Can I do it?

We’re sorry about that. But sure! See how to unsubscribe from a calendar on Google Calendar (here) or on iCloud (here).

For your iPhone or iPad you can unsubcribe by opening your “Settings,” then “Accounts,” and remove the subscription.

If you have questions or additional feedback for this project, email us at

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