Storytelling is an extremely important way to communicate, so more brands are starting to re-think their online presence to build a stronger connection with their audience.

In this article, understand the importance of visual storytelling and get insights into how an authentic approach can increase brand trust.

Creating Trust through Brand Stories

In recent years, brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola, and Apple have started to integrate stories as a powerful method of communication.

Studies have shown that when reading a story, or seeing an image about it, people’s minds synchronize to the experiences placed in the focal point. An occurrence called neural coupling.

Neural coupling can result in more understanding, comprehension, and receptivity within a target audience when done successfully — since people expect imagery to represent themselves and their surroundings.

As a result, there is a rise in brand trust.

Remaining True, Diverse, and Transparent

To establish brand trust through visual storytelling, it is important to remember which story you are actually trying to tell and how it fits your brand message. Showcasing truth, tolerance, and transparency is key.

Remember to be inclusive and represent all kinds of individuals. People expect to see themselves in the story you are narrating.

The Getty Images’ Visual GPS report that surveyed more than 10,000 consumers and professionals in 26 countries globally, found that searches around “diversity,” “Asian Business Woman,” and “LGBT” went up by more than 200%.

Creating Trust by Speaking to Trends

By integrating visual trends into your storytelling, you can tap into present topics and build a more impactful emotional connection.

The same report from Getty Images has seen search terms related to working from home, online shopping, and online learning rise around 1,000% or more. While “telecommuting” and “virtual meeting” became significant search terms across search engine advertising.

Discover the most important visual trends in 2021, here.

Let’s sum it up!

Here are the steps on how you can establish brand trust through visual storytelling

  1. Creating Trust through Brand Stories
  2. Remaining True, Diverse, and Transparent
  3. Creating Trust by Speaking to Trends

With these top steps, you are sure to create long-lasting emotional trust within your consumers.

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