The lifestyle industry is composed of brands that deeply understand their target consumers’ way of living. Not simply focusing on their demographics but also values and attitudes, the industry is known for using high-quality marketing visuals to bring its message across.

If you are working in marketing, brand building, or advertising, here are some aspects that will help you sell a lifestyle.

1. Define your target market

To sell your products, you need to put them in front of the right audience. Understand who’s your ideal customer and who they want to become when using what you have to offer.

People who buy a Rolex don’t do it because of the product itself. It’s all about living the lifestyle of someone who owns a Rolex. So understand the ideologies and psyches of your target audience and go from there to help them achieve that ideal version of themselves.

2. Craft a story

Visual storytelling is crucial to engage your audience with your brand and is a powerful way to communicate. When done successfully, it creates more understanding and receptivity within your customers, engaging them on an emotional level.

This summer, Google created a compelling video reflecting people’s mixed feelings towards this year’s hot season after a long period of separation from their peers and loved ones. The campaign (“What Are You Searching for This Summer?”) created a sense of belonging and connection.

On a different scope, Roxy took advantage of this year’s hyped sports season to manifest the disapproval of the word “cute” applied to female athletes. For the brand’s customer base, the marketing move created a sense of identification and pride. For the women who do not buy Roxy, it moved them to join the cause and a brand that supports female empowerment.

3. Propose a state of mind

It’s no secret that the lifestyle industry tries to sell a dream version of the real world. We’ve seen it happen in the automotive world, fragrance campaigns, and even tech advertising. These brands have been successfully creating and selling the idea of a dream lifestyle for decades by using celebrities and visuals that capture their audience’s ideal state of mind.

Apple and Tesla are great examples of brands selling a future-forward, top-tier lifestyle to those who look to be on the cutting edge of technology and part of an elite.

4. Do not fear some impact

Don’t fear creating impact with your campaigns. Use unconventional methods to make your brand stand out and create awareness next to your target audience.

Guerrilla marketing visuals are a great way to create that hype and buzz around your brand. Through guerrilla visuals, you can raise awareness among large audiences without even interrupting them. This marketing strategy uses unconventional spaces to make a brand’s point and evoke emotions of wonder, shock, or surprise.

Even though they work better for out-of-home campaigns, social media can amplify its success and even make you go viral.

5. Be innovative

New technologies are created every day either to make our lives easier or more exciting. Why not use them to bring innovation and excitement into your marketing campaigns as well? The innovative and unexpected is what gets people talking — and it can bring significant brand popularity!

From computer-generated imagery to virtual influencers, virtual reality, or artificial intelligence, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Brands like Ugg have teamed up with CGI models to bring new collections to life. What new visual experiences would you create?

6. Align everything you do with your brand

Use your visuals, claims, and everything else you do to reinforce the state of mind you are trying to sell with your brand.

Red Bull is a great example. They are able to perpetuate their youthful, daring, and unbending identity through the sponsoring of on-brand events. From electronic music to extreme sports, every action they take is aligned with their target audience and brings them closer.


  • Define your target market
  • Craft a story
  • Propose a state of mind
  • Do not fear some impact
  • Be innovative
  • Align everything you do with your brand

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