Client: EMSA + Tefal

Project: Create new lifestyle content for EMSA + Tefal’s new thermal flask line

Worked with: Alex Oelofse

The assignment

EMSA + Tefal was looking to produce new lifestyle content for their thermal flask line. The brand was keen on having the product be presented in versatile landscapes and scenarios.

Alongside capturing photos the photographer was also expected to organize the logistics of the project.

The process

EMSA + Tefal collaborated with Cherrydeck to find the best suited talent.

Simply by submitting a brief, EMSA + Tefal was able to open a job opportunity, where they specified the budget, requirements, and skillset the photographers should own.

After the selection process, Alex Oelofse was the photographer chosen to create new lifestyle content for EMSA + Tefal’s new thermal flask line.

The production

Alex was physically shooting the campaign for two days. However, a few days leading up to the production day, he had to scout the best locations, source for models, and take care of any other pre-production assignments.

Given the fact that I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and that it was summer, I really thought I would be able to deliver some amazing diverse content from some amazing local locations. 

Alex Oelofse

To capture the lifestyle campaign, Alex used a 6×6 1/4 silk scrim and a 6×4 California sun bounce to compliment the light in Cape Town. Having traveled around the world, Alex believes that the light in Cape Town is extremely unique and it cleanly translates into photographs.

As for the camera that he used, Alex opted for the Nikon Z6 with an FTZ adapter and his trusted prime lenses.


Alex credits the contact process through Cherrydeck as being a real pleasure.

When describing the overall job experience, Alex says that this was probably one of his favorite commercial shoots.

The team from Emsa + Tefal was absolutely amazing to work with.

Alex Oelofse

From the EMSA + Tefal team to the crew that Alex put together himself, he believes that the key factor that determined the success of the shoot was the outstanding teamwork. Having been able to spend days doing one of his favorite things with an amazing group of people led to an overall positive experience.

Alex is a fine art photographer based in Cape Town. In love with the blue hour, when the sun is far enough below the horizon, Alex is passionate about capturing captivating moments. He holds a diploma in fine art photography and credits his studies as an opportunity that allowed him to experiment with numerous formats of photography and film.

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