Cherrydeck and Equality Fragrances collaborated to find a videographer that would produce the brand’s launch video. Today, we talk with the company co-founder, Lukas Görlitz.

Get to know Lukas Görlitz, the co-founder of Equality Fragrances, a company that produces an exclusive perfume with the aim of creating a more tolerant society.

Equality was born out of Lukas’ fear of right-wing parties’ growing strength in the 2019 European Elections and the hate wave towards people of color, different races, cultures, religions, genders, and sexualities.

The fragrance was created as a simple way to remind and encourage people to live with love and not hate. Idealized to become a statement, whoever wears it is part of a community that needs no words to understand what human values are all about.

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With the scent, the brand aims to motivate people to stay open and to spread that mindset to those around them. Also acting on an international scope, the company donates 10% of its revenue to International Justice Mission, a Berlin-based organization working against modern slavery.

Having a quite complex vision and mission, Equality Fragrances needed a strong storytelling component on the video for its launch. Lukas’ goal was to put heavy emotional elements into the video and show how people of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities feel throughout several episodes of their life.

When it came to choosing the videographer for the job, Lukas recurred to Cherrydeck and quickly found Jan-Philip Beutin. Two days later, they had the first meeting and started preparing for the shooting days. The final outcome was then presented on the brand’s launch event and is now accessible to everyone on its social media channels and on the website, here.

When it came to Equality and especially to the project, it was clear to try it with Cherrydeck.

Lukas Görlitz

I loved the project, the brand, the founders. What I missed in the agencies I worked before I found in this project. Direct contact with the founders, the idea in my head, feeling their passion for it, and all with a great concept behind.

Jan-Philip Beutin

To know more about the video produced visit this blog post. To know more about Equality Fragrances, visit their website or their Instagram profile. For more information on the Cherrydeck brand offers, have a look at this page or sign up for a brand account. ?

Video credits: Moritz Bauer.

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