When shooting abroad, the usual approach from most brands and agencies is to bring a well-known and trusted creative alongside the rest of the team. However, working with local creatives has several and non-negligible advantages.

It might be reassuring to work with someone familiar but sometimes, it is not worth the trouble and extra logistic arrangements. Working with local creatives is many times not an option on the list, but it might actually be the most efficient approach and drive better and more suiting results.

In this article, we will help you discover the five benefits of working with local creatives and how you can easily reach them anywhere in the world.

They are familiar with the area

If you are looking for the perfect secret spot to shoot, a local photographer is most likely to know all of them in the area. Your local contact will be able to guide you around and show you the very best places that fit your requirements. On the other side, they might bring in new options and make suggestions you did not even think of.

For the launch of the Polestar 1 in Germany, Polestar teamed up with local photographers to showcase the car in their daily environment in five big German cities. This initiative allows future potential users to picture themselves driving the car in their own city and daily life.

We wanted to have a very localized and high-quality approach —meaning we wanted to work with local artists that know their regions and cities best to really speak the language of that area and that have influence within their community.

Max Tolsdorff, Head of Marketing at Polestar

Reach different markets without crushing your budget

Working with local photographers is an easy and efficient way to connect your brand with new markets. They are familiar with the local audience and are most likely to provide the right content for it. Even in a globalized world, it is no secret that aesthetic criteria differ from one area to the other and it might be challenging to understand the nuances.

When the British brand JIMBAG aimed to reach out to different markets and show their global relevance in cities like Tokyo and Milan, getting the right message across was of major importance. With a moderate budget, JIMBAG was able to convey the fashionability of their products by giving local creatives the necessary freedom to shape the campaign to their own culture.

See how JIMBAG produced international campaigns in Milan and Tokyo.

Give a different vibe to your brand

Your brand is defined by cool summer vibes but you are based in a cold country? Your environment does not really fit its style? Well, this doesn’t need to be an issue. Ship your products to creatives based in locations that fit your desired brand goals and brief them regarding what you want to achieve. Local contacts can get you covered, even when you don’t have huge productions on the pipeline.

Inferno Ragazzi is a summer-inspired fashion brand based in rather cold Germany. For the launch of their collections, the brand plans many of their shootings abroad and often sources local talent in sunnier European destinations.

See how Inferno Ragazzi reached local photographers in Portugal, Spain, and Greece.

Benefit from a fast process

If you are based in France and need pictures from the Bondi beach in Australia, it might take a while before you can have your content delivered. Unless you have direct contacts in the area, the usual process would demand you to find someone willing to travel there and shoot. However, much of that can be speeded up if you decide to commission a local photographer instead.

At Cherrydeck you can search for photographers in any area and even filter by the type of photography you are looking for, post-production availability, and more.

Discover new talents

Get out of your creative comfort zone and discover a world of talents and industry newcomers. Your perfect creative match might not be around the corner but on the other side of the world. If you have a specific creative idea in mind for an upcoming project, the ideal person to bring it to life might not belong to your usual pool of photographers.

To discover +55.000 creatives worldwide and find your best fit, visit Cherrydeck or contact our team. To explore some of our talented members spread all over the world, try the Cherrydeck search. ?

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