See how Google overcame the painful search for a photographer abroad, without having to leave their headquarters in California.

Based in California, Google Cloud is a computer application offered by Google. The computer service runs on the same infrastructure used internally by Google and aims at essentially delivering resources to consumers.

Many known brands use the Google Cloud in order to improve their performance efficiency. One of which is Spotify.


Google was looking to capture the growth and innovation of the music streaming platform, Spotify. With Google being based in the U.S. and Spotify’s headquarters located in Sweden, the task of finding the best photographer on-site proved difficult.

In addition, Google was in search of a creative who could not only capture the customer campaign but also provided VIP portrait and environment photos of the Spotify office.

Google overcame the painful search for a photographer abroad
Karl Forsberg for Google Cloud.

The approach

Together with Cherrydeck, Google Cloud was able to reach out to local photographers in Sweden.

The agency TBWA/Chiat/Day — in charge of the assignment — opened a job opportunity on Cherrydeck for which Swedish photographers could apply to. After receiving a shortlist with suitable members, the agency made the final decision of which photographer to hire for the job.

How did it work?

Swedish photographer Karl Forsberg was the photographer chosen to work for Google. Due to his access to the shooting location and experience in capturing commercial assignments, he was the perfect fit.

The job spanned over four days — two days in Stockholm, one travel day, and one day in Gothenburg. Karl was required to work with a Swedish film team and a Danish producer. The aim was to capture still photography of the actors, along with portraits of the interviewees.

Main takeaways

Besides some minor travel costs during the assignment, Google did not have to face any extra costs of flying a photographer from the U.S. to Sweden. The brand was able to benefit from the creator’s local knowledge and expertise, as well as communication skills in the local language.

By collaborating with Cherrydeck, Google had access to countless talent located in their desired area.

Google overcame the painful search for a photographer abroad
Karl Forsberg for Google Cloud.

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