See how the insurance agency mhplus used storytelling to engage their clients during Covid.

Based in Nürnberg, mhplus is a health insurance agency that offers plans to students, families, self-employed, as well as working individuals. During the lockdown in 2020, the agency decided to launch a new campaign to inspire people to stay active. Through storytelling mhplus engaged clients during Covid on social media.


Mhplus was looking for a creative professional who could capture their new campaign, “Adrenalin vor der Haustür,” translated “Adrenaline on your doorstep.” The idea was to share the stories of 3 protagonists who found excitement during the limitations enforced through Covid-19.

The insurance agency was in need of a creative who could find the three protagonists, prepare a script, and shoot and edit three 1-minute videos reflecting the idea.

The approach

Having opened an opportunity on Cherrydeck, mhplus was able to find the best creative for the job.

The platform allowed the health insurance agency to gain access to photographers and videographers that were located within Germany and could make use of their location and contacts. By stating all the project details ahead, such as budget and timeline, mhplus received countless applications from only suitable professionals.

After being sent a shortlist of the best candidates, the agency made the decision on who to work with.

How did it work?

Zhenya Savina was the photographer chosen by mhplus to shoot their new “Adrenalin vor der Haustür” campaign. Due to her level of skill in both photography and videography, as well as post-production efforts, Zhenya proved to be the best fit.

From the first phone call with mhplus to the final delivery, the job spanned a bit over a month. With the agency’s guidance, Zhenya composed a script, sourced actors, and produced the necessary video and photo content.

The final images and short films were used for advertising on mhplus’ Instagram.

Main takeaways

By collaborating with Cherrydeck, mhplus was able to find the best professional creative within their schedule and several requirements. The company was able to benefit from the creative’s local knowledge, flexibility, and diversified skill set.

mhplus used Storytelling to Engage Clients During Covid
Zhenya Savina for mhplus

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