Integrating diversity into your photography is important to truthfuly reflect people and their different cultures.

Photography that showcases real people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities comes across as more authentic and is better perceived. Take a look at these 20 photographers who often incorporate culturally diverse photos into their portfolios.


IShana Serina Davis

Berlin-based fashion and beauty photographer, IShana focuses on presenting people in unique and diverse ways.

Anya Kholina

Anya is a food, still life, fashion, and lifestyle photographer currently based in Moscow, Russia. She brings a unique mood to her photography through to the strong integration of diversity and self-love.

Caily Bobbie-Jo

Professional photographer Caily is interested in fashion and learning about different cultures. Seeking to tell stories through her photography, she is keen on building a bridge between people and the way they express themselves.

Cole Ndelu

Award-winning portrait and fashion photographer, Cole is based in South Africa. Her work focuses on popularizing representations of Africa while presenting imagery and emotions.

Daniel Mareno

Norwegian photographer Daniel is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the south of Norway and living within proximity to nature, Daniel has become inspired to find beauty no matter where he is, or who he is capturing.

Hoang Quynh Nguyen

Quynh is a professional photographer, filmmaker, and communication designer who focuses on storytelling and poetry. Her devotion leads her to capture her subjects in diverse ways.

Francis Connelly

Belgium-based photographer, Francis seeks to capture the complications in life. Finding it hard to see his work as finished, he is always striving to improve his skills.

Esra Sam

Award-winning photographer, Esra, has had the opportunity of traveling the world and shooting beautiful talents. Through her presentation of people stemming from different cultures and backgrounds, her work expresses diverse imagery.

Cass Michael

Cass is a beauty, swimwear, and fashion photographer based in London. Diversity can be seen in the way in which she captures all genders, all body types, and all skin tones.

Anson Chan

Originally from Hong Kong, Anson is currently living and working in Berlin. Her keen eye for details surrounds the stories that she narrates through her work. Anson is passionate about capturing diverse cultures and people’s walks of life.

Clara Borrelli

Professional photographer, Clara is based in Milan and through her work she captures editorial and documentary moments. The lighting that she uses in her photography establishes unique imagery.

Eva Milkonskaya

Russian photographer and art director, Eva places great focus on capturing the essence of the female body. Photographing women with different appearances and from different backgrounds, she is able to reflect the theme of diversity with a moody feel.

Fernanda Liberti

Fernanda is a photographer and videographer currently working between London, São Paulo, and Berlin. Often working for a diverse range of clients, her work reflects raw moments and beauty.

Kamyiis McLean

Jamaican-born photographer, Kamyiis is a fashion photographer currently working in New York City, NY. He loves capturing people and finding beauty through art. His work showcases the essence of diversity.

Klara Fowler

Portraiture and fashion photographer, Klara is passionate about capturing the essence of the male physique. Her goal is to reflect beauty, intimacy, and strength through her objects, as well as recognize the power of diversity.

Miina Jung

German-Korean photographer, Miina strives to reflect different cultures and people in her work.

Nina Masic

Fashion and beauty photographer, Nina is always on the hunt for capturing unique and captivating expressions. She does not only show that diversity can be found through different races and cultures — but also through age and textures.

Phoebe Cowley

London-based fashion and portrait photographer, Phoebe has worked with countless brands and magazines. Believing that the story behind an image is what draws people’s interests, she is always on the hunt for capturing unique moments and people.

Renata Wajdowicz

Renata is a Brazilian photographer living in Berlin. By supporting social organizations and sustainable brands with her work, she is constantly motivated to push forward. The use of photography helps her achieve her goals of helping the planet and staying relevant to cultural changes.

Sara Lusitano

Lisbon-based photographer, Sara works mainly with film. She places great focus on capturing every detail and presenting the emotional connection between people and objects.

Those were the 20 diverse photography you should know. To learn more about diversity, take a look at how older women are represented in the media.

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