Mono No Aware is a mixed media project where painting and photography cooperate to create breathtaking imagery.

In Mono no Aware (????) the photographer Gabriella Achadinha and illustrator Marlize Eckard worked together to produce a mixed media series.

Gabriella’s photography of Japan and Seoul has been altered with Marlizes’ acrylic strokes to capture the meaning behind Mono no Aware — an awareness of the impermanence of all experiences and memories, an almost nostalgic, wistful acceptance of that which cannot be forever held onto. An aesthetic sensibility, an understanding that this beauty can only be ephemeral.

According to the photographer, traveling personifies this feeling. No matter how many photographs one takes, the more time slips the less of that experience can be recalled.

Shot in Japan and Seoul, the series comprises day and night photographs of spaces and individuals that stood out from the time there. Marlize Eckard has added her touch by creating the ‘fleeting impermanence’ via acrylic paint with additional touches such as signage, etc.

Gabriella Achadinha

Mono no Aware Gabriella Achadinha

The Berlin-based photographer Gabriella Achadinha was one of the winners of the Cherrydeck Creators Award. Passionate about cinema, photography, art, design, travel, and architecture, she is usually drawn to scenes of individual stillness and contemplation in spaces of chaos. She has worked in the film industry for the past eight years.

To see more of Gabriella’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see more photographic work in Asia, have a look at Gentle Giants by Paolo Patrizi or Stacked by Peter Stewart. ?

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