Networking is important in every industry and for creatives, it can be what prompts the next job opportunity or collaboration.

Last November, Cherrydeck and MK Retouching held an exclusive event in Munich that gathered creative professionals from the Beauty and Fashion scene exactly for that purpose.

At Cherrydeck, our motto is to help creatives to more easily collaborate with each other and with businesses of their interest. We work towards this goal not only through our platform, where we list our members and provide them with marketing tools, open job opportunities, promotion features, and more. But also through events, where we try to encourage these connections offline and give room for a more personal connection.

Last November, Cherrydeck joined forces with our member Mareike Keicher (from MK Retouching) to host another one of those initiatives.

Group picture featuring photographers, hair and makeup artists, retouchers/post-production, and stylists.

What was the event about?

The event took place in an afternoon in Munich and gathered around ten photographers, five hair and makeup artists, five retouchers and post-production professionals, and four stylists.

During the meet and greet, the creatives were asked to go through several rounds of speed dating with matching partners and at the end, share their portfolio (either printed or digital) in a round table with the whole group. There was also time for a small break, where the participants could enjoy a set of cakes, pretzels, sandwiches, wraps, and a wide variety of drinks.

The coffee break was sponsored by Dean&David.

Portfolio sharing at the networking event

What was the end result?

It was impressive to see the openness with which the participants took the challenge and embraced the work and knowledge exchange.

It was truly rewarding to see talented artists connecting, sharing ideas, passions, and inspiration, and planning on working together. Marina Geckeler and the project “4 Photographers Shoot 1 Model” was one of those perfect examples.

“4 Photographers Shoot 1 Model” with Julia Strege from Modelwerk

Marina got to know NinaDenise, and Verena during that afternoon and quickly invited them to collaborate on a project together. After the event, they kept meeting in Munich for creative exchanges and finally came up with an idea of doing a video challenge.

The idea was simple: four photographers should photograph one model, each with only 5 minutes of shooting time. Each photographer was allowed to choose a complete outfit, makeup, styling, and location, and afterward, the results of the individual shootings would be compared to each other.

The resulting 16-minute video shows that even when given the same tools, each photographer comes up with completely different ways of showcasing the same. Each has different styles when it comes to posing, lighting, communication, and editing, and therefore, the exact same set results in the most diverse shots.

Credits: Anna Glaser was the makeup artist involved (also a connection from the Cherrydeck x MK Retouching event), Julia Strege the model chosen (from Modelwerk), and Daniel Petz from TheThreeSeven, the cameraman who accompanied the photographers throughout the day. Michael Stelz produced the beats for the video.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this event and Mareike Keicher for being such a great partner in this initiative. It was great to spend the day with you and exchange contacts and insights. (See Mareike’s recap of the event, here)

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