See how the American newspaper The New York Times wrote a full editorial remotely without leaving the headquarters in the U.S.

The daily newspaper The New York Times (NYT) is based in New York City. With a strong global readership, the New York Times often writes editorials on an international scope.

Founded in 1851, the NYT has won 130 Pulitzer Prizes, and is regarded within the industry as a domestic “newspaper of record.” Through its high circulation, the newspaper is currently ranked 18th in the world, and 3rd in the U.S.


The New York Times needed a photographer to document real estate in the prestigious Antwerpen district of Markgrave, located close to the city center. The property was to be featured in their international real estate section.

Based in New York City, flying an American photographer to Belgium for the small production was inconvenient.

New York Times wrote a full editorial remotely
Ellen Claes for The New York Times

The approach

For the editorial, the NYT editorial team looked for a Belgian photographer who could document the property and handle the local contacts.

To find a skilled creative, the photography editor of the New York Times made use of the Cherrydeck photographer’s search. The tool allowed them to find a range of different Belgium-based creatives that specialize in interior and architecture photography.

How did it work?

Belgian photographer Ellen Claes was the photographer chosen to work for the New York Times. Due to her easy access to the shooting location and her local knowledge, she proved to be the perfect fit for the job.

Ellen was required to photograph the exterior and interior of the house. In order to maintain the authenticity of the home, no editing was allowed except for color and perspective corrections. The assignment lasted one day, including basic edits that had to be made.

Afterward, the New York Times was able to present the historic mansion and provide an overview of the real estate market in Belgium. The captivating images captured onsite supported the written text in the full editorial.

New York Times wrote a full editorial remotely
Ellen Claes for The New York Times

Main takeaways

The New York Times was able to rapidly find an Antwerpen local photographer to capture the home featuring their real estate editorial. Without the need to fly an American photographer and paying for a stay, the production had a more efficient cost.

In addition, the newspaper was able to benefit from the creative’s fluency of the local language, knowledge, and flexibility.

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