Client: Blackroll

Outcome: Branded photography library with 881 images

Duration: 25 days

blackroll custom stock

The assignment

Blackroll needed visual content to use freely on their social media, marketing, and communication channels. Instead of planning a full production involving large teams and resources from the start, the brand decided to test Cherrydeck’s Branded Stock service to create a Blackroll custom stock library they could use for all their needs.

The process

Blackroll collaborated with Cherrydeck to source custom imagery at scale in a quick, cost-effective, and stress-free way.

The brand started by submitting its brand guidelines under the ‘Blackroll Playbook’, and Cherrydeck selected the most fitting photographers among 150+ candidates from around the world. Afterward, Blackroll sent an assortment of 14 products to be photographed, and simply waited for the results while the selected creators got to work.

A couple of weeks later, Blackroll received more than 800 ready-to-buy branded images from 4 photographers. The brand’s custom stock library included 11 different scenarios and sets and featured 8 different models.

The results

The Cherrydeck Branded Stock service guarantees a win-win solution. From all the pictures delivered, Blackroll was able to choose the best fitting according to their needs and pay only for that selection.

After the first purchase, both selected and non-selected pictures remained stored in the brand’s private content marketplace and accessible for one year.

The success of Blackroll’s first experience using Branded Stock resulted in the brand using the service again to create yet another custom stock photography library for their new products and campaigns.

Sounds interesting? Create your own custom stock library with your brand’s products. Get started with Cherrydeck Branded Stock today.

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Pictures by Fabian Heigel, Urs Golling, Jelena Filipinski, and Tonya Matyu.

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