The online market for health supplements has exploded over recent years. Thus, if you run a supplement eCommerce store you’ll know there’s as much competition as there is opportunity.

In this environment is important that your product catalogue is represented as professionally as possible. Get an edge over competitors who try a DIY approach to supplement product photography!

Perfect product images

While some supplement manufacturers will provide you with images of their products, the quality of these images can vary. Usually, there will be inconsistencies in how product photography was approached.

What you really need is a consistent approach to taking product images – handled by an experienced professional.

This will ensure that all your product photos have a consistent depth of field, lighting, shot angles and background.

As a result, this consistency will take your e-commerce store up a level, get the best out of your existing website design and communicate professionalism to your customers.

Keeping it simple

One of the benefits of selling supplements online is that photographing your products is easy. Certainly, you don’t need to get several different shots or angles of each product.

A high quality side-on image will usually do the job. Moreover, you don’t need to invest heavily in lifestyle images of models using your products.

However, professional photo editing is a must. 

A professional product photographer will edit your photos to remove reflections and glare from product packaging. They will ensure each product is captured in crisp detail.

Find a professional at Cherrydeck

Cherrydeck was designed to connect businesses with professional photographers in your desired location.

Our website makes it easy to filter photographers by niche and location. You can browse their profiles and portfolios and get in touch if you want them to quote on your project.

For ultimate convenience, we offer Cherrydeck Branded Stock™: you submit a brief and your brand guidelines to Cherrydeck and we take care of everything else!

Getting qualified photographers for your supplement product photography shoot has never been easier.

Firstly, you send us your products. Then we’ll have them photographed by professionals. Next, you will get a custom stock library with your own products within three weeks. Lastly, you choose which images you want to use on your ecommerce website, and only pay for the images you use. 

Yes, as easy as that.

Cherrydeck Branded Stock

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