We have gathered all the necessary tools and information for you to dive into the world of product photography for eCommerce.

We know creating top-level visual content is only beneficial to your brand. The photos, graphics, or videos on your social media are key visual content to transfer information and attract potential customers.

However, for eCommerce websites, your product photography will be THE ultimate tool to drive conversion rates.

On this page we will cover:

  1. Product photography for eCommerce — For starters
  2. Tips on how to create product photography that sells
  3. Product photography across eCommerce industries
  4. DIYing your product photography for your eCommerce website
  5. Custom stock libraries with your own products — Branded Stock
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For starters

Do you know what’s behind the importance of product photography for eCommerce?

Running an eCommerce website has pros and cons. While you can reach a broader customer base without geographical limitations, you also have to convince people to buy your products without physical interactions.

In fact, billions of people are now shopping a range of products online, and it turns out the displayed product photos are a key deciding factor! You need to know how to convert a potential buyer into a customer with top-quality product imagery.

As a brand, it is an essential step to develop a clear and consistent photography style in order to see results with your product photography.

Consequently, these guidelines will allow professional photographers to create on-brand product images for your marketing needs. Furthermore, this will result in coherent photographs throughout your website and marketing channels.

Here is all you need to know on how to develop your brand’s photography style for your eCommerce product photography. Ask the right questions:

  • What is the content you want to capture?
  • Which is your ideal product photograph composition?
  • How will the complexion of your product photograph be?
  • How are you building a connection with your audience?
  • What is the story you want to convey?

How to create product photography that sells?

Now that you know what is the importance of product photography, and you also have your brand’s photography style clear and well-thought-out — you must be wondering how to make the most out of this. How to make your product images sell?

That’s an important question!

Hence, we have 11 tips that will help you create eCommerce product images that actually sell:

  1. Determine your style of photography for your different channels
  2. Decide what to portray and how: product only, lifestyle, still life…?
  3. Plan ahead: W questions for your product photography
  4. Maintain the brand’s aesthetic always!
  5. Be aware of lighting, especially when DIYng it!
  6. Pick your background wisely, is it plain or loud, studio or outdoors?
  7. Let room to breathe, and it will be cost-effective
  8. Embrace editing, but keep originals!
  9. Try some variety, go out of your comfort zone!
  10. Don’t be afraid of closeups and angles, think what people want to see!
  11. Optimize your images, nobody likes a slow website

    Try Cherrydeck Branded Stock! The cost and time-effective solution for product photography creation for consumer brands.

Check out the latest product photography trends!

You may know all the tips but you have to stay up to date with the industry trends so you don’t stay behind your competitors.

These trends are ruling the product photography scene this 2022:

Transform your product images accordingly by selecting which trends apply specifically to your brand instead of going with the wave. Don’t blend in – stand out!
If you need more inspiration for your visual content, try these 17 product photography ideas for your brand!

Product photography for different eCommerce industries

Do you need product photography but don’t know how people in your industry are doing it? Do you want to know all the tips and tricks?

Intuitively, product images look different in different industries. While product shots against a white background might work for cosmetic items, they might not work the same way for food products.

Explore our categorized pages with examples of great product photography in your industry!

Just as your products promote beautiful skin, your skincare eCommerce website needs to communicate vibrance, clarity, and quality to your customers.

Jewelry product photography ecommerce

When selling jewelry online, appearance is everything. Your product photos need to communicate the sophistication, intricacy, and beauty of your jewelry.

With hundreds of eCommerce clothing websites competing with you on product range and price, great clothing photography is one way you can get a competitive advantage.

When you’re selling cosmetics and makeup products online you need images that are both impactful and accurately capture colors and textures.

Make your food look as delectable as it tastes in real life through high-quality food photography. Investing in such visual content will drive sales on your website.

shoe product photography

Everyone loves shoes. Make sure your website stands apart from the tough competition in the online footwear market with great product photography.

To illustrate, check out our blog’s full list of categories for eCommerce product photography!

Are you on a budget? DIY your product photoshoot!

Setting up or updating images on a new website or creating new relevant content for your channels can be hard. Thus, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to DIY product photography for your website and not fail in the process.

Get those professional-looking photos through a DIY photoshoot for your brand: from planning to getting outstanding results! Check out the before, during and after steps for a successful DIY product photoshoot for your brand.

On-demand product photography

If standard product photography is too expensive or requires an entire production and that sounds like too much work, on-demand product photography could be what you are looking for.

Cherrydeck has got you covered!

Whether you need new images for your eCommerce store, you are launching a new collection of products, you want new content for social media or you require imagery for your marketing purposes, there is a time and cost-effective solution.

Pioneered by Cherrydeck, Branded Stock™ is an on-demand product photography service and is designed to give you high-quality professional product photos at competitive pricing.

All you need to do is send Cherrydeck your products and brand photography guidelines. Then, our skilled photographers will shoot your products remotely. Just within three weeks, you will receive access to a stock library with hundreds of images featuring your own items.

Check out our 2021 project review, or the success stories with brands like Klarheit, Blackroll, La mer Cosmetics, Perifit, 5.0 Bier, J. Hornig, and many more!

If you liked our insights on product photography, make sure to check out our blog for more!

If you are a brand, make sure to sign up to Cherrydeck to get this information right on your inbox.

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