Christmas is finally coming and so are the multiple marketing campaigns from businesses around the world as we approach the gift-giving season.

Just like that, another year has passed and the Covid-19 pandemic persists. However, unlike last year, everyone is ready to make the most out of this Christmas despite any possible obstacles. Correspondingly, the British multinational Tesco has already rolled out their Christmas campaign, foreseeing the upcoming festive season.

The film advertisement created by the agency BBH cameoed some of the hot topics and obstacles that have been faced throughout the pandemic. Employment loss, quarantine, Covid-19 travel restrictions, shortages, or vaccinations, are just some of the examples.

However, in this 90-second ad, there is always a solution — because nothing can stop us this time (or Tesco)!

Accordingly, the brand featured the iconic beat ‘Don’t Stop Me Know’ by Queen to go with the determined mood of the campaign. Indeed, Tesco’s message is clear: this year’s festivities will be enjoyed no matter what!

Of course, the intention is not to irresponsibly ignore Covid-19 restrictions – which are still in place and in varying severity in most countries. Nevertheless, Tesco wants us to let go of a negative mindset and focus on the holiday spirit.

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Ultimately, after the difficult times we have experienced alongside the pandemic, this is the Christmas spirit we all needed. In fact, the vibrant advertisements are ubiquitous this season with brands like Aldi and M&S opting for similar moods.

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