The photo series “Trash” is a visual call-to-action regarding the excessive use of plastic and how society is contributing to plastic pollution.

The term plastic pollution is oftentimes used when referring to the accumulation of plastic in an environment. Throughout the years, the unrestricted accumulation of plastic products has negatively affected wildlife and humans – especially through single-use plastic. Single-use plastic is made from fossil-fuel based chemicals, and it is meant to be disposed of immediately after it’s first use – frequently used in straws, packaging, bottles, and bags.

With the topic surrounding the impact which plastic has on our environment being around for a while, countries are now just beginning to see the seriousness. Worldwide, 500 billion plastic bags are used a year, and the worlds beaches are polluted by 8.3 billion plastic straws. It is estimated that in 2020, more plastic will be found in the ocean than fish.

Through the photo series, “Trash”, Tania Volobueva visually shares her worry about consumerism and the excessive use of plastic. The visual call-to-action should motivate the viewer to see the human’s impact on the environment through plastic pollution.

plastic pollution
plastic pollution

Tania is a Russian photographer who has been based in Milan for the last 8 years. Passionate about creating colourful, fashion photographs the photo series takes a more provocative, yet beautiful approach.

I regard each new photo session as a challenge to myself. It is the creation of a story, of an image, of a character, as well as the search of creative methods, which make possible the implementation of the idea into life…

Tania Volobueva
plastic pollution
plastic pollution
plastic pollution

Tania Volobueva is a photographer mainly focusing on People and Lifestyle, and Editorial and Documentary. Born in Moscow, Russia, Tania found her place on Earth in Milan, Italy. Whilst studying photography in Rome in 2011, Tania discovered her preferred creative direction – fashion photography. Throughout her photographs, Tania likes incorporating creative ideas with vibrant colors.

To see more of her work, have a look at her Cherrydeck profile or at her website, here. To see more photography that is thought-provoking and oriented around sustainability, have a look at “Coral Reefs of the Future?” by Alicja Wróblewska. ?

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