Cherrydeck Editors’ Choice is now open for submissions. This month, it’s all about architectural photography. The deadline is approaching!

(UPDATE: the Submission is now closed, please stay tuned for the next competition)

Every month, we select the top 1% of photographers on Cherrydeck and feature their portfolios in our Editors’ Choice Search section.  The winning profiles are also given an exciting opportunity to be featured on both Cherrydeck blog and Instagram (see June’s Editors’ Choice List), reaching a large number of passionate photography professionals.

The theme for July 2018 is “Architecture“. We want to highlight profiles with the very best photography works of the built environment. While architects shape and adapt constructions in a way that they can suit human necessities, many also craft them into admirable masterpieces. These architectural pieces reveal aspects and shifts in cultures over time as well as stories and the ways of living. Often times, they also inspire many and are reborn in paintings, sculptures, films, and photographs. In the light of this, we are interested in seeing how photographers look at buildings and man-made structures and how they capture the essence, experience, cultural trajectories, and ideas behind every one of them while creating photography artworks of their own.

You can apply by filling out this form. The deadline for the submission is on Wednesday, 4th of July 2018 at midnight CET

For selection, André Krüger is joining us this month. André is a freelancer based in Hamburg and Berlin. He develops digital communication strategies and concepts. Since the beginning of Instagram, he has been known as @bosch. André is also currently a lecturer at the JvM-Academy and at the Texterschmiede, two renown schools for media studies. He is known for his photographs of architectural environments, making him a perfect fit as our editor for this contest.

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André Krüger

Below you can find some of André’s work. For more details or to see more of his photos, visit his profile, here.

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