The wait is over – Editors’ Choice Awards of September 2018 are now LIVE!

A new month is here and it is time to bring along a new and fresh selection of top photography talents. The winners of September’s Editors’ Choice are some of the best photographers on Cherrydeck, who produce amazing work we are very proud to highlight.

For this edition, “Summer” was the chosen theme. As the season is gradually leaving us, we wanted to look back at it and see how these hot months were captured in pictures. Below you can find the 20 carefully chosen profiles and their hot summer photographs!

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September 2018 Editors’ Choice (not ranked in any particular order):
Julia-Rosa Reis

Julia-Rosa is a freelance photographer and producer based in Hamburg. She got her first camera when she was five years old and never stopped shooting ever since. She is currently listed as a Nikon Professional.

Julia received a BA of Arts at Zeppelin University and studied Screen Writing at the University of California, USA. Nowadays, she is specialized in Lifestyle, Fashion, and Food Photography, and can be found traveling around the world. Julia loves to finish every work with a universal smile.

Doris Fatur

Doris is a photographer and fashion stylist based in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated with a Master of Art in Education at the Academy of Fine Art. Doris co-founded Micica, a fashion jewelry brand. In 2012, she won the Elle Style Award for the best young stylist and has been working with many famous fashion and lifestyle magazines ever since.

Myscha Oréo

Myscha is a photographer and artist based in Amsterdam. As an artist, her experience, vision, and working method influenced her photography. Through her pictures, Myscha tries to capture people’s originality and to highlight their raw, real and authentic beauty. Whether through a portrait, a nude or a documentation, her main focus is to create something intimate, personal, and special.

Juri Gottschall

Munich-based freelance photographer, Juri, has taken food and the architecture of everyday life as the main focus for his work. His photographs have been awarded numerous times and showcased in exhibitions internationally.  Venice, Munich, to San Diego are some of the most recent locations.

Florencia Villa

Florencia is an Argentinian photographer based in New York. She started her studies at Andy Goldstein Escuela de Fotografía Creativa and then moved to New York to attend the New York Film Academy’s photography program. Since then, she has been focusing on editorial fashion and beauty, conveying the ideas of intimacy, romanticism, and ethereality.

The pictures below are a part of her “Intimacy Series”.

Silvija Gec

Silvija is a photographer, creative director, and content creator from London. For the past 10 years, she has been dedicating her life to visual art and photographywhile also supporting other creative peers. Ambitious, diligent, and a happy soul, Silvija believes love and diversity should be spread around by all of us.

Francesca Dattilo

Currently based in Florence, Francesca is an interior designer trainee and a photographer by passion. She likes to call herself an almost photographer since her images are halfway between photography and graphic design, or, in other words, reality and the abstract. She specializes in interior design photography and commercial still life for product advertising, where she can control light and composition in order to tell her own story.

The pictures below belong to her last still life work without the use of a flashlight.

Ollie Harrop

Ollie has been a freelance photographer since 2003, after graduating from the University of London. He trained at Magnum Photo Agency and had his work featured in the Royal Photographic Society Journal, Time Out, the British Journal of Photography, and many other leading names. Additionally, Ollie also teaches photography at Central Saint Martins and City List. His commercial work includes architecture photography, events, and portraiture. Some of his clients are Tate, Freud Museum, and Boss Design.

Gulliver Theis

Gulliver is a professional photographer from Hamburg, Germany. With 20 years of career experience, he is capable of almost all genres of photography. Reecently, Gulliver ‘s focusing on travel reportages, and what he likes the most to capture on camera are people in their environment.  He also thinks photography is an amazing way of communication.

The pictures below belong to the “Summer of Love” series for the German musician, Stefan Dettl.

Steve Glashier

Glashier is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer based in Berlin and London. Starting out as the official photographer for the Mercury Music Prize, he had the opportunity to shoot analog photos of many leading bands of the UK’s music industry. He also photographed Bad to the Bone and for 35mm magazine. He was featured in Naked Magazine, shot campaigns for American Apparel and has spoken at various workshops and talks across Europe. Furthermore, Glashier directed trailers for BBC Radio 3 Late Junction and created a variety of live DVDs and concert promos for artists. Taking advantage of his experience as a filmmaker, Glashier shoots exclusively on film in order to create cinematic narrative images.

Uiler Costa

Born and raised in Salvador, Brasil, Uiler dedicates his work to the fields of aerial and travel photography around the world. Former graphic designer and multimedia producer, Uiler started his career as a photographer in 2012. Since then, his work has been published in renowned magazines such as the National Geographic. He also participated in international exhibitions and had some of his pictures awarded.

Jacopo Loreto

Jacopo is based in Milan and enjoys capturing on camera what would have been vanishing moments of life. Fascinated with people, their habits, and attitudes, he describes himself as “a photographer with the only purpose of capturing emotions and evocating memories.”

George Griefy

East-London based artist George Griefy is a man of little ornamentation. His work features simply staged photographs that are heavily influenced by minimalism. Through his art, George has built his own perfect visual universe, where everyday objects, plants, and naked figures inhabit in pastel colors.

Michiel Spijkers

Michiel is a photographer and animator from the Netherlands, represented by Sticky Stuff Agency in Amsterdam. His work’s distinguishable visual identity is due to its graphical, colorful and playful style. The clients in his portfolio are brands such as IKEA, Unilever, Douwe Egberts, and Roche.

Joana Maria Sousa

Joana is based in Lisbon, Portugal. She has been fascinated with arts from an early age. Joana studied cinema in her home city and received various training programs in Brussels, Cologne, and Budapest. Her work “See Actions. Not Colors” was awarded by the Council of Europe, the United Nations’ Plural+ and Sony Pictures’ s Picture This Festival.

Peter Heck

Peter is an award-winning advertising photographer and director based in Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Los Angeles. He is a professional member of the German Association of Freelance Photographers (BFF), part of the Preventi’s Global Nomads Project, and the BBK, among others. Peter describes his photography as impassioned and full of life.

Mike Schaefer

Specialized in lifestyle, portrait, and corporate photography, Hamburg-based photographer Mike captures natural emotions in his pictures. Currently, he is working with magazines and advertising agencies. His project “Stories on Skin” received the Portrait Hellerau Award, in Dresden.

Chiara Anceschi

Originally from Milan, Chiara is a slow-paced traveler and professional photographer with a tireless curiosity for offbeat locations. Her desire for discovery led her to Hungary, the UK, Norway, Brazil, and more than forty countries. As a way to combine her passion for photography and writing, she founded The Folk Guide, a travel site where she publishes her adventures around the world.

Katrin Schöning

Katrin’s enthusiasm for photography showed up early and began to take its course when she got her first camera in her childhood years. She is thrilled by nature and people, and always trying to reflect the uniqueness of every being in her pictures. She describes her style as strong and fragile and simple and complex.

Tom McGahan

Tom is an Essex based photographer.  His work explores the nature of reality, the perception of places, and our emotional relationship with them. He uses only natural light and medium or large format film cameras, with the aim of expressing ideas around the Eastern philosophies of Hamni Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

Tom won the 2017 Feature Shoot Print Swap, with “Slieve Coillte” exhibited at Black Eye Gallery, in Sydney.  His work “Take Refuge” was also nominated as one of the top-rated entries for the 2016 Magnum Awards.


A big thank you to every photographer who participated in this Editors’ Choice edition. As always, we are delighted to see the best visual pieces coming in from around the world and we want to thank you again for inspiring us with your work!

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