Finding the perfect photographer that can reflect your image can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out these 5 tips to help you find the best photographer.

Whilst finding a good photographer is no challenging task, the real test lies in finding a photographer that checks all the right boxes.

So, how do you do it? How do you find a photographer that meets all your standards?

The magic lies in a few simple steps. Check out these 5 tips to help you find the best photographer, centred around making your search-experience a successful one!

Tip 1: Know what you are looking for

The first tip to help you find the best photographer is the same as anything else in life. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will have a hard time finding it.

Before you set out on your journey of finding the perfect photographer for your project, make a list and know what you are looking for! Do your research and find photography that focuses on the speciality that you require.

This isn’t only important when thinking about what the outcome of the shoot should be, and what vibe the photographer should express; but, it is also relevant when determining the duration of the project and its budget!

What are the categories you should outline before looking for a photographer? Check out the list below:
  • Establish what type of shoot it will be; i.e. Fashion or Beauty Campaign, Documentary, Still life, etc.
  • Understand what the images should present and what general vibe should be captured
  • Set the duration of the shoot and when it should take place
  • Realise what level of experience the photographer should have: Amateur, Up and Coming, Professional
  • Decide on the location(s) in which the shoot should take place
  • Determine if you need any post-production

Only when these 6 categories are designed, can you set out to find the perfect photographer. And now, it shouldn’t take long – because you will know what you are looking for! When you are glancing at the portfolios of various photographers you will see if they can mirror your vision.

Tip 2: Have a set budget

In order to support the vision you have in mind, it is important to understand that the budget can vary drastically. But, what are the deciding factors that could potentially drive your costs up?

The first obvious factor which comes to mind is the category of the shoot – will it be a commercial campaign, a fashion and beauty shoot, documentary style, etc? Depending on the genre of the project, the duration, and post-production fees will begin to take their toll.

It is important to know, that depending on the photographers level of expertise, the hourly fees can vary from low to high hundreds. This can quickly amount into a couple thousand a day. Fashion photographs, commercial campaigns, product images, and food photography belong to the categories where fees can be unpredictable. This is because, the fee is often times influenced by the skill-set the photographer brings to the shoot.

Also, if there is a demand for models, then fashion photography can quickly skyrocket to a high emolument. If models are required, how many?

If you have a tight budget, you can save money by establishing a few basics such as determining the amount of images that are required, as well as the mean of the photos – will they be digital or print? It goes without saying, the more photos you require, the more time will be invested, and the more you will have to pay.

If a great deal of post-production is required, then it would be recommended to work with a photographer who has knowledge on this. Time and money will be saved because the images won’t have to be sent back and forth.

Tip 3: Be open to work with local photographers

If you want a specific vision to be reflected in your image, working with a local photographer – or a photographer from a near by area – may be just the solution. Local photographers are not only familiar with the local area, but they often times know hidden-spots which will add a level of uniqueness to your project.

For instance, why should you fly in a photographer to South Africa for your summer campaign, when you can source someone from there?

A further perk is that the chance of you staying within a moderate budget is upheld, as no heavy travel expenses are required. Meaning less money for travel, and more money for creativity!

Through reaching out to local photographers you can find a better mean of communicating to your target group, especially if they are based in the same region.

But, if you are looking into giving your brand a sort of redesigning, you can discover a new creative direction and hence, bring a new vibe to your brand just by finding someone out of your own surroundings.

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Tip 4: Check the photographers credentials

You did it! You may have found a potential photographer where you feel comfortable in letting them reflect your brand. In order to finalise the decision, it would be a good idea if you check out their credentials one more time! Take a glance at their technical proficiency, education or previous clients.

Whilst it is beneficial to see that someone is a nice photographer, it is always good to have a little extra information regarding their technical background and knowledge. This way, you can be sure that they can place themselves into any creative situation.

Not only is it important to check a photographer’s credentials in terms of seeing their technical know-how, but to know more about their post-production steps. Hiring a photographer for a project that has a post-production style that fits your requirements will help you maintain your budget and, possibly, keep the project within its set timeframe.

All-in-all, checking the credentials will assure that you are making the right decision and assure your confidence in the quality of the final product.

Tip 5: Using the right tool for your search: Cherrydeck

Once you were able to draw out the determinants which you want to place the most value on, its all about figuring out how to do it. Well, have no fear – Cherrydeck is here! With Cherrydeck, you can filter out a vast selection of photographers that could be interesting for you with just a few clicks!

But, how exactly does this work?

Step 1: when you arrive on the Cherrydeck homepage, select the ‘Search’ icon to begin your journey.

Step 2: By clicking on the ‘Search’ icon, you will be brought to the page where all the magic happens. Here you can apply the features that are relevant for your upcoming project to narrow down the possible photographers.

The filters include:
  • Location
  • Photography Categories
  • Number of Followers (Ranged from minimum to maximum)
  • Level of Expertise
  • Studio Vacancy
  • Post-production availability
  • Availability of videography expertise

Once all the categories have been selected, you have the chance of finding photographers which match. By clicking ‘Editors’ Choice’, only selected photographers from the Cherrydeck Editorial Team will be shown. ‘Show Results’, will show you all users.

Step 3: The system has shortlisted photographers which match your categorised preferences. Now, the fun part begins – scrolling through the possible photographers.

Once you have stumbled across a photographer who seems appealing, you can access their full profile simply by clicking the ‘Profile’ button – here you see their bio, contact options, sample photos, project portfolios, and their Instagram account. As mentioned in Tip 4, this is where you check out their credentials and past work.

If you have a good feeling about a photographer, but you still want to keep your options open and check out other photographer, that you can select the ‘Save’ button, and continue your search.

You’ll be able to find them again, as well as other photographers you have saved in the Menu bar under ‘Saved Profiles‘.

Cherrydeck connects brands with professional creatives

By following these 5 tips to help you find the best photographer, your project or campaign is sure to be a success, because you could spend your time and energy on what really matters, being creative, and not finding someone.

Rather have someone else invest their time into finding the perfect fit? Submit your request to the Cherrydeck Team and let us do the shorlisting! ?

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