From editorials, to nature, to projecting warmth, today’s Portfolio Highlights is sharing only a small glimpse of our talented community. Take a look at the works from 8 talented Cherrydeck members!

The Portfolio Highlights series features creative images and snapshots of fascinating portfolios from various Cherrydeck members.

As all great work should be appreciated, this time 8 Cherrydeck members were chosen to have part of their portfolios featured and spread throughout our creative community. Enjoy!

October 2020 Portfolio Highlights (not ranked in any particular order):

Gabriel Ponton

Gabriel is a Colombian fashion photographer, based in Barcelona, Spain. Since a young age, he has been interested in observing and drawing faces, describing the switch to his profession as swapping out the pencil for a camera and light.

Gabriel received his first photography job when he was 18 years old, and has been honoured to work with designers, magazines, and model managements in both Latin America and Europe.

He believes that the most interesting thing about fashion is the people who wear it.

Mon Levchenkova

Mon is a documentary photographer based in London and Manchester, passionate about editorial photography. Mon’s project is based on the feelings that are present when found in a beautiful moment, even if you do not realise it whilst it is happening.

Portfolio Highlights

Emil Hildebrand

Fashion and portrait photographer, Emil is originally from Oslo, Norway. However, having moved to the bustling city of Rotterdam, he is constantly confronted with a diverse and internationally oriented environment. He credits it as the force which has sent his photography into full swing.

Being interested in what fuels people and how individuals view the world surrounding them, Emil is dedicated to documenting people and sharing their stories. Most of these stories are captured on Emil’s Pentax MX, which he picked up at a flee market in Norway.

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Anna-Maria Langer

Anna-Maria is a portrait and fashion photographer from Cologne, Germany. She focuses on colourful, nostalgic imagery and prefers to work with natural lighting and minimal equipment.

Aimed at creating an authentic portraiture, Anna-Maria places great value on getting to know her subjects and their stories, believing that in the end, the image should reflect the moments spent together.

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Clarisse Croset

Studying digital design in Paris, France, Clarisse is passionate about landscape and architecture photography. Since she was a kid, she has loved listening to and sharing stories from her travels and the people she has met.

Clarisse believes that there is so much to be learnt from listening to others and paying attention to what they have to say. Her love for listening to other people has evolved into her passion for sharing these stories through photos. She believes capturing moments as a visual medium helps people focus on what really matters.

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Iggy Smalls

Self-taught photographer, Iggy has a great passion for all that is creative. Driven by the love of being challenged, Iggy finds motivation which helps her grow and reflect more innovation.

Fiction, concepts of territories, and how environments influence feelings of identity are recurrent themes in Iggy’s work. Having graduated with a bachelor degree in Photography & Imaging from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2015, Iggy has been selected as one of ARTPIL’s “30 Under 30 Women Photographers” 2019.

Iggy’s work has been featured by Adobe Lightroom, British Journal of Photography, Feature Shoot, Refinery29, among others.

Portfolio Highlights

Nicholas Kahr

Based in Madrid, Spain, Nicholas is an outdoor adventure product and brand photographer. He is led by his interests of going on hikes, climbs, and any other adventure which involves being in nature. His photography surrounding the beauty of nature is his way of motivating people to appreciate their surroundings.

As a kid, Nicholas would steal his sister’s camera and go outside to shoot ducks and trees. This hobby has stuck with him and he evolved his dream into becoming his career.

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Frederik Boettcher

10 years ago, Frankfurt based photographer, Frederik decided to give up his office job of a decade and follow his passion. With this, he became a traveling fashion photographer and refers to it as the best decision he has ever made.

Over the years, Frederik has captured a lot of swimwear brands in Cape Town, South Africa. The amazing natural light and the diverse locations ranging from urban to nature, made it a great city to live and work in, and a place where he travels back to every year.

Portfolio Highlights

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